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Q: Hi,
Iím working on a high quality shopping list during this downturn. We have enough money to start a new positions in either:
1) TEAM or TTD.?
2) NKE or ULTA?
Which companies are a better choice and why?
Thanks and stay healthy,

Read Answer Asked by Kerri on March 30, 2020

Q: Hi,
Having held some cash aside, waiting for a pullback - I am now wondering which companies I should focus on purchasing first during the downturn? Obviously I am looking for those that are good, solid companies with growth potential. Dividends is nice feature, but not a requirement if the future prospects for the company are strong and debt is low or non existent. I do not currently have any REITs and only AQN in utilities, ENB in energy as I lean towards growth more than income and usually overweight in stronger sectors and industries. Please provide some suggestions, US or Cdn, that have caught your interest recently, as I always value your suggestions.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 03, 2020

Q: Cons Disc [CD] portfolio target is 9%; current holdings 1.5% ea AMZN, SHOP [technically IT, but now more similar to AMZN? if not, then only 3% allocated], and CMCSA. 5+ yrs growth goal. To add and/ or new buys?
1. e-commerce: AMZN, SHOP, others?
2. retail watch list [WList]: advise re LULU, NKE, SBUX, others?
3. TV/ connected WList: DIS, ROKU & TLRA [both IT, but ultimately tied to Consumer spending]
4. Or, XLY and/ or TDB 424 Fund [Entertainment & Communication holds some Cons Disc, but not 100%] or other.
This is a mix but would appreciate your advice with sector allocation.

Read Answer Asked by sam on October 01, 2019
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