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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi. I'd like your opinion on SHAK as a long term investment. With its strong brand and small(ish) number of locations, over the next 5 years do you think they can deliver similar/better/worse revenue and eps growth numbers that LULU and CMG achieved over the past 5 years. Thanks a lot.

Read Answer Asked by Clinton on August 27, 2021

Q: Hello guys,
I was hoping you could rate the current buy-ability of these industrial discretionary companies (byd,doo,mg,tt,sis) and of these clothing discretionary companies (goos, lulu,nke, atz) with 10 being a great buy, for new money. Any concerns, and is there anything similar that you like better?



Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 25, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,

According to portfolio analytics, I am underweight in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary as well as US exposure. I am a growth investor with a long-term horizon. This is for a TFSA.

In Consumer Staples I hold ATD.B and PBH and was thinking of adding COST.US.

In Consumer Discretionary I have ATZ, BOYD, DOO, LULU.US and was thinking of adding MG and possibly LNF.

Could you suggest some Canadian and US names for both Staples and Discretionary that would compliment my existing holdings?

Thanks for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on May 03, 2021

Q: I'm looking at the rebound in these tech and consumer discretionary stocks and wondering whether you have a preference for some of these companies over others. Could you please rank your favourites based on risk/reward to buy now, and would you recommend trading any to exchange for others? I have holdings in most.

Thanks for your thoughtful review.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 13, 2021

Q: Happy Easter everyone, I wanted to get your thoughts on the recent earnings for LULU if you would be a buyer at the $300 level . Additionally with the reopening in view what are your thoughts on Nike and Under armer as well? I feel that with the nicer weather and lifting of restrictions people might start thinking about getting back into shape before everything reopens.

Looking forward to your insights,

Read Answer Asked by Norman on April 05, 2021

Q: In hindsight (which, as we know, is 20/20), I was overweight in tech and underweight in both materials (0%) and consumer cyclicals (4%). Given rising fears of inflation, I am of two minds.

A. Hold the course. Although four of my tech stocks are well below water - ARKK, KXS, U,and XBC - they are fundamentally in good shape and will rebound in time. And I've missed most of the upswing in materials and CC anyway.

B. Inflation is inevitable. I should sell off one or more of my tech losers (so I am no longer overweight in that sector), take the proceeds and invest in either materials or consumer cyclical to enable my portfolio to better cope with inflation.

If Scenario B is, in your view, the best to pursue:
1. Which tech(s) - and in what order - would you be inclined to sell?
2. If only one could be added to, would it be materials or CC?
3. What are your two favourite US consumer cyclicals today?
4. What are your two favourite US or Canadian materials today?

Many thanks for your guidance.


Read Answer Asked by Maureen on March 26, 2021

Q: Hi
Ignoring tech industry companies, are there any companies that you think will benefit from market changes that have/will occur as a result of Covid-19? Covid-19 has changed so many ways people do everyday things and companies that will benefit from this change are my target.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 16, 2021

Q: Thanks for the great service. I feel like I have become too heavy on tech and healthcare and not well-diversified globally. Can you suggest some small and large caps that you would buy today?

Read Answer Asked by kevin on February 10, 2021

Q: 5i has stated in the past that the above companies have no debt (LNF "very little debt") - is that still the case? If possible, can you please name 5 additional good CAN and 5 US companies that have no debt or very little?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 08, 2021

Q: Hi 5i
I am looking to rebalance my consumer cyclical and defensive portions of my portfolio.
I would very much appreciate your recommendations on the better CDN and US stocks to consider in these areas. I have reviewed your portfolios and reports and am very much a dividend opportunist but would not shy away from growth

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 20, 2021

Q: Which clothing company do you prefer between lulu, goos and atz short term and long term?

Is QS attractive back in the $60 range, or what price should you find it attractive if any at this point?

Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 06, 2021