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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi there,

What are your current favourite 15 US growth stocks, regardless of section concentration risks?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 19, 2021

Q: Hello,
In the consumer discretionary sector would you consider COTY or ULTA to be attractive? Which one would you pick?

COTY was an offshoot of PG I believe..TOI is from CSU..Does Mark Leonard have any say in the management of TOI? If Topicus were to follow in CSU's footsteps (framework) they would do very well. Are there any such precedents where offshoots have done very well? Why do companies sell of portions of the company? Thanks and happy family day. No rush to answer these questions. Cheers, Shyam

Read Answer Asked by Shyam on February 16, 2021

Q: Hello Folks:
As the Covid situation has hastened the move to online shopping, some brick and mortar stores are going to have a much brighter future than others. Businesses such as Walmart and Best Buy appear to be having more success than others. I would appreciate your suggestions on choosing companies which have the brightest future integrating these two systems.
Thank you again for your great service!

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 19, 2020

Q: I own all of the above stocks in the 'growth' portion of a well balanced portfolio. I don't need to sell any and the volatility doesn't bother me. Are there any I should sell because their fundamentals have changed in this correction? Any I should add too?

Read Answer Asked by Larry M. on April 03, 2020

Q: Hi,
Iím working on a high quality shopping list during this downturn. We have enough money to start a new positions in either:
1) TEAM or TTD.?
2) NKE or ULTA?
Which companies are a better choice and why?
Thanks and stay healthy,

Read Answer Asked by KERRI on March 30, 2020

Q: I have very recently equally invested in MHK, KEYS, PAYC and ULTA. Do you these companies offer better safety combined with potential then investing in AYX, TEAM, CRWD and DOCU.

Read Answer Asked by Imtiaz on September 18, 2019

Q: looking to build a 5% weighting in consumer discretionary. hard sector to buy into given the Amazon effect. Had my eye on ULTA and SBUX for a while and they have pulled back to what looks like decent entry points. SBUX has an iconic brand and always seems to be able to grow the business. ULTA has done really well, seems to have good financials (very low debt) and good same store sales growth. how would you view these names in the cons disc space? would you have any better suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 07, 2017

Q: Merry Christmas to the 5i Team! My question is about consumer discretionary stocks. It's one of the areas in my portfolio that i lack exposure in (0% to be honest). I've been looking at ATD-B for a while and feel comfortable adding at the current price level. To get some more high quality names I've looked to the US and come across the usual suspects that seem fairly highly priced/valued. I've been looking at ULTA and COST. Might not be your area of expertise but your thoughts on these 2 companies or any other specific names you think are worth owning in the Cons Disc space?

Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 23, 2016