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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My wife and I have accumulated a fair amount of cash in our RRSP we would now like to invest. We have at least 5 years time horizon. We are well represented in Oil, Banks, Tech., financial. We have some reits as well. Not much retail or healthcare. We like growth and dividends and not too concerned about higher weightings in the right industries (we are considering more banks and tech, as well as minerals for batteries). We have about 40K which is about 10% of our portfolio. What would you consider good value right now? It seems many tech stocks are priced very high right now so would you avoid tech at the moment? Can you suggest 5 value stocks? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by John on February 29, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and 5iresearch team:
In your answer to Gerry's question on Feb 16, you mentioned that CSU and ATB have been the best Canadian compounders over the last ten years. You added DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI based on historical performance and you are expecting LMN.V, TVK, HPS.A, TOI, GSY to be potential Canadian compounders in the future.

1. Would YOU still invest in CSU, ATB, DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI with the same conviction and weighting?
2. Could you please provide a similar answer but for the US market? Please provide 10 or so best US compounders based on historical performance that YOU think investors should keep investing in and 5 or so US companies that YOU would buy as potential US compounders in the future.

Thank you for the great service.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on February 21, 2024
Q: 1. What percentage do you advise allocating to discretionary sector.
2. Included are non-US names because of pricing power/ controlled supply. If I missed any from your favs, please add to the list.
3. Recently you answered my question on industrial stocks based on
a) core [large, defensive names]
b) high growth regardless of size
c) recent strength and positive momentum.
Applying that to my list of discretionary stocks, please rank in each category (1-3, with 1 strongest)

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 05, 2024
Q: I have to raise some cash, and have to sell the equivalent of one of the above positions, all up various amounts from 10% to 60%, but all have about the same market value. All healed in TFSA. Considering growth only with a multi-year hold, what do you suggest - trim all three, trim two, or sell one full position, and if so which do you suggest. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Kim on January 30, 2024
Q: If you were to list favourite US and Cdn companies with the added criteria of high cash flow and significant stock buybacks what would they be?
Read Answer Asked by Jeffrey on January 18, 2024
Q: Following a recent question about a Canadian TFSA account. For a growthy TFSA contribution for 2024, which U.S. companies would you recommend ? Please rank based on potential gains for a 3-5 year period, with a brief comment on each one. Moderate to high(ish) risk is fine.

Enjoy the Holidays,

Jacques IDS
Read Answer Asked by Jacques on December 28, 2023
Q: I have a friend who has $20,000 to invest in a relatively safe group of stocks, hoping to gain about 8% a year; his plan is to leave the funds in for at least two years. He has no preexising stocks. Please recommend one or two groups of stocks for him to invest in.
Read Answer Asked by Neil on December 21, 2023
Q: I am low on Consumer Cyclicals. What portfolio percentage do you advise to allocate? I have broken down the sector into sub-categories: housing, e-commerce, retail, personal services, lodging. Am I missing a sub-sector that shoud be included? Which ones have the most potential? I have listed some names - but am not tied to any. Apart from AMZN [owned], what are the top 5 or more that you would buy today and any others to keep on watchlist with buy targets? Please rank.
Read Answer Asked by sam on December 20, 2023
Q: I was interested in your reply to Ronnie today (14th) on U.S. growth suggestions. As individual securities you suggested IBKR, LPLA, CELH, CROX, DUOL. If I was to add HEI, ADI and ULTA to that list could you rank all 8 for say 5 yr pure growth potential and then re-rank if one was seeking a balance of both growth and safety? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on December 18, 2023
Q: Hi team,

Which Canadian and U.S. stocks do you see as presently having positive momentum leading to strong growth in a near future ?

Have a good day,

Jacques IDS
Read Answer Asked by Jacques on December 08, 2023
Q: Hello, I have some money to deploy and have picked the above lucky 13 stocks. Are you able to put them in order in which you would purchase them (1 to 13). I know there is a wide range of companies, industries and cap size. This would be in a cash account and looking for capital gains over the next 3 years. I'm okay with lots of risk in this account.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on November 29, 2023
Q: Hello 5i Team,

Could you please suggest 20 Canadian and/or U.S. stocks for a "buy and hold" portfolio in an RRSP with average-to-above-average risk and a 5+ year timeframe.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your always helpful advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 20, 2023
Q: My wife took early retirement with DB plan. Her RRSP and TFSA are well diversified. She has enough money to invest in about 10 companies. This money is not needed in foreseeable future. However, a small dividend is appreciated along with capital appreciation. It will be invested in a regular account. Can you please suggest top 12 companies.

Thanks inadvance
Read Answer Asked by Atchuta on November 20, 2023
Q: Long term holding and price appreciation of AAPL and NVDA has led to a U.S. portion of a registered portfolio weighting of 28% and 17% respectively. I'd like to take some profits on these positions and trim these weightings to diversify. Please provide your top suggestions for replacements to consider in Health, Consumer, IT, Communication, and Financial sectors with a timeframe of 10years+
Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 15, 2023
Q: Could you suggest me five Canadian and Five US companies who have the most chance of going up in today's scenario or have potential to go up when the interest rates start going down.
Read Answer Asked by Satish on November 09, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

Can you provide some US names that you feel are trading at a discount today, are well managed companies with a runway for growth and are suitable for a long term investor. A few small, mid, and large cap companies would be appreciated, irrespective of sector.

Read Answer Asked by Regan on November 08, 2023
Q: hi,
according to portfolio tracking and analysis, I am short on basic materials, consumer cyclical, health care, industrials. im also quite short US and international equities. I prefer equities with dividends that are growing, and has some capital appreciation/growth as well. with this in mind, can you provide your top few picks in each sector please. much appreciated. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on October 26, 2023
Q: Hi group...If we assume the conflict in middle east is going to escalate. What are you thoughts on a strategy to take advantage ...I am thinking we might test last Oct lows...What your thoughts on this?.
I have $100,000) cash waiting to invest at some point... do you suggest entry soon? and if so what is your top 10 picks regardless of sector or market. Thanks for your insight
Read Answer Asked by Terence on October 24, 2023
Q: I know you dislike the terms “screaming buys” and “backup the truck” about “almost irresistible “ buys to hold for the next 3 years? 5 Canadian, 5 US.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on October 23, 2023