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Q: Hi 5i
I know you like these three companies. Given the present environment how would you rank them for value and for growth over the next two years?
Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gary on July 27, 2020

Q: Hi 5i,
Are there any current or future tax disqualifications if I sold for example QSR at a small loss in a RRSP account (no loss tax benefit) to purchase @ the same price within a Non-Registered account exact same time? The reason is to take greater advantage of the div tax credit outside of the RRSP and reallocate the funds within the RRSP to more forced securities such as KXS or even some bond ETF’s. Basically, setting up for retirement & preserve RRSP funds. My concern on the future tax is if worst case scenario played out and the Non-Registered security (QSR) lost further ground a tax loss would be disqualified somehow.

Read Answer Asked by Dean on July 21, 2020

Q: Dear 5i team:
Your software indicates our family’s investments are too Canadian-focused. However, I prefer our “home bias”, for three reasons:
(a) most of our assets are non-registered, and the dividend tax credit is especially favourable for Canadian source dividends in a province such as ours (Ontario);
(b) I like supporting the companies that I invest in (e.g., we buy Peller family wines, since we own their shares);
(c) but most important, many of the “Canadian” businesses we own are surprisingly international; among our top 20 equity holdings are:
Alimentation couche-tarde (Circle K is world-wide);
Brookfield Asset Management (globally focused company that invests wherever the opportunities are);
CGI Group (revenues are 84% outside Canada per 2019 annual report);
CP Rail (significant U.S. revenues);
Fortis (65% of earning are in U.S.);
Manulife (growing Asian revenues);
Restaurant Brands International (most of Burger King and Popeye’s restaurants are outside of Canada);
Shopify (not sure, but suspect international revenues are growing faster than Canadian revenues);
TC Energy (dropped “Canada” from its name to reflect its growing U.S. presence);
TD bank (substantial and growing U.S. presence);
Anyways, the above-listed 10 stocks represent about one-third of our overall equity holdings (in absolute $ terms), but I would not consider these companies as being “100% Canadian”. I wonder whether your software could be rejigged to reflect the relative percent earnings (or revenue) contributions, broken down per Canada, U.S., Europe, Asia, and so forth. I suspect our home “bias” is not nearly as substantial as it appears.

Read Answer Asked by Ted on July 21, 2020
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