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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Peter, I have about 15000.00 for an RRSP account. I know you can't personalize the account but could you suggest 5 - 10 good Canadian stocks for such an account if looking for income for a 66 year old investor. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Nick on April 05, 2024
Q: Good morning
3 questions plse take 3 credits

1. I purchased AW.UN at around 44$ a couple of years ago and since then it has now slid to 30$ what will it take for it to regain some value back up to around 44$?

2. BIP.UN looked like it was recovering but now has slipped back into the high 30$ any particular reason for the fall back?

3. Currently own GOOG which cant seem to get any traction but wondering for a long term hold would AMZN be a better buy for long term growth? Which would you buy if only one can be held?


Read Answer Asked by Marcel on February 27, 2024
Q: Hey Guys,

- I'm trying to help out a family member that is 67 years old, that is not financially literate, has no investments, no savings...
- He will be receiving approx $ 80k in an inheritance in the next 6 months...

- He Already blew through a previous inheritance of over $100k in about 3 years

- I am setting up a TFSA Investment/Trading account for him and doing a Financial Intervention , So To Speak to get him Back on track...

- His minimum basic expenses like rent is covered by payments he receives..., But additional living expenses and extra income is what I want to help him with and extend the life of the extra inheritance he will be receiving...

- The listed stocks are the ones I am planning on recommending for him to look at and research...

- Please comment and suggest other stocks and investment ideas to consider for:
- Considering His Age and Small investment of $60k

-Looking for:
- Somewhat Safe/Bit Aggressive Growth
- Preservation of Capital
- Income

***Not looking for total financial planning here, But I'm Looking for Ideas to look at and suggest in this type of scenario...
- You Suggest, I Research further and my relative decides...

Read Answer Asked by michael on January 30, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and Staff

Many times when you are asked for a good dividend stock for a long term hold QSR makes the cut. Today Marco asked for top 5 consumer discretionary names, it did not make that cut while AW.UN and PLC did. Do you view QSR less positively than those names?
Thanks for all you do
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on January 25, 2024
Q: Hi,
What would be your top 5 CDN consumer discretionary stocks in a RRSP for a 5-10 year hold.
Please list in order of preference for a buy today.
Read Answer Asked by Marco on January 23, 2024
Q: Which ones would you buy for a TFSA and which ones for a RRSP? I have no holdings for consumer cyclical.

Read Answer Asked on January 15, 2024
Q: I am planning towards retirement within 5- 10 years and would like to transition my TFSA from growth oriented to dividend paying stocks to supplement my income upon retirement.

Can you suggest dividend paying stocks with min 3% yield with history of dividend growth. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Mario on December 29, 2023
Q: From this list of companies could any be a take over target in the next five years using your crystall ball
No commentary is required
Merry Christmas
Read Answer Asked by Marcel on December 21, 2023
Q: Peter; I just saw this Friday PM- do you have any concerns about this ? Thanks.
Rod TorQuest typically invests in mid-sized companies, seeking to revamp them with changes to governance, strategy and operations, and building them up with injections of capital and acquisitions. Its current investments include Canadian fast food chain A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. and Calgary-based information technology staffing company S.i. Systems.
Read Answer Asked by Rodney on December 18, 2023
Q: I'm hoping to take profit from ATD and maybe CSU. My weight in CSU is out of hand but I find it hard to sell that juggernaut. I also have TOI and LMN. I'm happy with my weighting of TOI and i plan to add a small weighting in LMN. I'm underweight in the following: SIS, PBH, SHOP, TD, BEP.UN, ENB, T, SLF, AW.UN. How would you rank these names going forward? Would you recommend swapping any of these for better opportunities that 5i covers or are in the balanced portfolio?
Read Answer Asked by Matthew on December 08, 2023
Q: The following holdings in a TFSA are underwater. In your opinion, which ones are worth keeping for a potential near future recovery? AW, BATT, BTO, BTE, WXM, ILLM, GUD and LSPD
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Carlos on November 27, 2023
Q: I own the companies in question in an unregistered investment account. To offset some capital gains I was thinking of divesting myself of some of these investments. Please rate them in order of disposition in your opinion. I am a retired investor who believes in companies with a history of dividends. Additionally, can you suggest 3 potential investment replacements, thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Tim on November 17, 2023
Q: Peter, what are your top 10 defencive dividend paying stocks in Canada in order of safety please.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on October 23, 2023
Q: These stocks are owned in an income portfolio and while their yields are good the continued downward trend is worrisome. Which would you replace, and with what, and if you could provide a reasoning for the change. REAL is my "real" worry, if truth be told, but I also feel slightly off my pizza these days ...
Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on October 17, 2023