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Q: Good Morning,
My portfolio, although generally diversified across all sectors, is definitely tilted toward growth stocks and technology. It reached peak value in mid-February, but things have gone downhill since. The market shift to value, materials, financial, and industrial stocks continues to push my personal NAV lower. I know this is driven by the fear of increasing interest rates and inflation. I have only made some minor tweaks to my mix of holdings, but in your experience, is it time for investors to lighten up significantly on growth stocks, or will the pendulum swing back with so many positive earnings reports. Of course, this is somewhat of a market prediction question, but do these trends last for years? My investment horizon is about 5 years. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you for your excellent service, which (by the way) is attributable to substantial gains in my portfolio since I became a member.


Read Answer Asked by Bradley on May 06, 2021

Q: I am sure this question has been asked before. As a general rule of the thumb that stocks, and etfs should be held in various accounts.
CAD Cash
US Cash

I think I know that US Dividend payers should be in RSP, Growth in TFSA, but do you have a high level how to best allocate various types of Stock assets for Cad, US, and International, along with sector allocation or divend?


Read Answer Asked by Colin on May 03, 2021
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