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Q: I have a long time to wait on investments and donít have much interest in trading, as I prefer value investing.
1)Iím still up 30% on Nvidia, with a long term in mind. Do you think itís better to sell out now and buy back later, or do you see enough growth and value coming to make it better to just sit on and wait?

2)Iím trying to build the core of my portfolio around long term holdings in strong dividend payers (with a bias towards aristocrats) and use all drips available, and even proxy drips through my broker when I need to. Could you give me your top 1-3 dividend payers for each Sector (with a bias towards dividend growth and safety/ aristocrats).
Also, Iíve read lots of articles that state that dividend investing on average out performs the market by a few% per year, just without most of the wild swings. Do you agree?
Hopefully my rambling makes sense...

Read Answer Asked by david on November 16, 2018
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