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Q: In your response to a reader's question about MFC's earnings you said "The stock remains very cheap at 8X earnings, and can benefit if interest rates rise."

While I agree with you, I have now held MFC for 15 years and am beginning to lose patience on the turnaround. MFC pays a nice dividend, for income in my RRIF, but on MarketCall today, Norm Levine is still negative on MFC. He says they may not benefit as much as you might think if interest rates rise.

I have done well on SLF, which is 1.8% of a diversified portfolio,. Should I just throw in the towel on MFC and double my position in SLF?

If not SLF, what would you recommend? Or should I be patient with MFC for a few more years?

Read Answer Asked by David on May 10, 2021
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