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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,
Can you tell me what type of account is generally best to hold US REITs, from a tax perspective?
I hold these 4 Canadian REITs (TCN, WIR.U, DIR.UN, SMU.UN) and am interested in several US REITS. I've been considering AMT, CCI, EQIX, DLR. Can you comment on these and suggest a few others.

Read Answer Asked by Camille on September 21, 2021

Q: I have some USD within my business account from US client payments. Rather than holding as cash at the current exchange rate, I'm thinking of investing it into something that would produce some yield. It's within my Canadian Corporation, not sure the implications around US Dividends within a Corp?

I see more upside in the individual tickers mentioned, but buying the index is an easier means of setting and forgetting. Any insight or other names that would be of interest? I'd say I'm less open to significant risk with this capital coming from the Corp.

Read Answer Asked by Don on May 04, 2021

Q: These companies have been drifting off their highs and am wondering if there is a particular reason for this; wondering if this is a good time to buy, or hold, and which you think have the best value and potential? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Pat on December 14, 2020

Q: Hi there,
I know this is a bit out of your wheelhouse but i will ask anyways. I currently own Duke Realty which i have done well with. However, i am thinking of switching from Duke to Digital Realty given the recent correction in Digital. I know it will take some time to absorb their recent acquisition but i like their future growth given their expertise in Digital Data centres and the trend in Cloud computing. Your thoughts on the switch. I am looking for a bit of growth along with a nice divi.
I pay no trading fees so that is not a consideration!

(Sorry if this is a duplicate question - my computer died while i was submitting so not sure it went through)

Read Answer Asked by kelly on December 20, 2019

Q: Hi, Can I get your perspective on U.S. Real estate. I am looking at investing in the US REITS and was wondering if now is a good time. I am looking at the following companies as well as the VNQ . Do you think the US reits is a good area to look into seeing as the US economy seems to be doing well and interest rates are low. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by pietro on October 23, 2019

Q: I am looking for investing in one of the cell tower real estate in the USA. I would appreciate to know which one among the following would be better options now.

Read Answer Asked by Rajendra on April 30, 2019

Q: Good evening

Are there any data centre REITs that you would recommend. This is a growth dsector, but P/Es are very high. Alternatively, are there other REIT sub-sectors [such as gaming, 5G towers] that you would prefer. I am looking for REITs that can sustain high interest rates sand continue to grow and throw off decent yield.


Read Answer Asked by sam on October 09, 2018

Q: Instead of purchasing a piece of real estate, am thinking of REITs . Could you recommend a few for a 5+ years hold, both Canadian & US. Thank you. Fooklin

Read Answer Asked by Fooklin on August 15, 2018

Q: Hi Peter, I am wondering if you have heard about this US stock. I find this REIT pretty interesting in owning properties of data centers rather than commercial, residential, shopping mall developments. Their financial statements looks pretty sound since 2005. Is this the only player in town? If all they hold is the land and tech just keeps advancing long term, what possibly could go wrong with this company (besides bad management)? Your thoughts? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on December 11, 2017