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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i Team - I'm quite sure this has been covered more than once in previous questions but could you summarize the differences between BEP.UN and BEPC. Also do you favorite one over the other for an investment in renewable energy and fundamentals in general. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on January 19, 2022

Q: A year ago both BIPC and BEPC traded at a 25-30% premium to BIP.UN and BEP.UN respectively.  Today BIPC still trades at a considerable premium to BIP.UN whereas the BEPC to BEP.UN premium is now less than 2%.  Why is that?
Also if you were to establish a Brookfield Renewable Partners position today in a registered account, would you go with BEPC anticipating that a premium may return?  Other than a nominally higher dividend, is there any other advantage of going with BEP.UN instead of BEPC in a registered account?

Read Answer Asked by Glenn on January 18, 2022

Q: Renewable energy has been beaten up over the last year and seems to be fairly cheap at the moment. With quantitative tightening and raising interest rates on the horizon, would it be prudent to wait to see what happens with inflation before moving into this sector? Which of these names do you prefer? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 14, 2022

Q: what 5 Canadian utility stocks would you currently recommend and why? please rank them in order of highest to lowest recommendation.

Read Answer Asked by Mary on January 09, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and team, The entire renewable sector was down substantially in 2021. What is your current view of the sector? In this sector, you seem to favor BEP.un. Interest rate is expected to rise. What is your view on the stock against such an economic backdrop? Is this a good entry point? Appreciate your insight!

Read Answer Asked by Ching on January 03, 2022

Q: I own shares in these 3 pipelines but have no exposure to green energy I am seeking modest capital gains coupled with a yield of 3 percent plus. would it make sense to sell one of the pipes and reinvest the proceeds into BEPC? thanks Richard.

Read Answer Asked by richard on December 25, 2021

Q: Hi Peter & 5i,
Wishing you and the staff a joyous holiday season!
Would you see any red flags in this portfolio for a conservative investor needing the dividends for cash flow. The portfolio would be 50% equities and 50% fixed income - 5 year laddered GIC's.
Here are the stocks and their proposed weightings:
Financial Royal Bank RY 5.7%
TD Bank TD 3.6%
Sun Life SLF 4.4%
Power Corp POW 4.0%
Utility Fortis FTS 5.7%
Brookfield Renewable BEPC 4.2%
Algonquin Power AQN 2.2%
Comm TELUS T 4.7%
Bell BCE 4.1%
Cons Staple Costco COST 4.3%
Loblaws L 4.0%
Cons Discr. Magna MG 3.8%
Restaurant Brands QSR 2.4%
Industrial CN Rail CNR 5.2%
Savaria SIS 3.6%
Energy Enbridge ENB 4.6%
Suncor SU 2.9%
Materials Nutrien NTR 4.3%
Real Estate BMO-Equal Weight ZRE 4.2%
Tech Thomson Reuters TRI 4.8%
Health Evolve Global Health LIFE 3.8%
ETF BMO-Low Volatility US ZLU 8.7%
iShares-US Equity-Hedge XSP 4.8%
Thanks so much for the fantastic service.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on December 16, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

In this downtrend market could you please give your three best stocks to buy for 3 to 5 years hold in each sector in canada and US as well ?
Thank you for your best advise on this platform.


Read Answer Asked by kaushikbhai on December 10, 2021

Q: Hi Folks,
I have the above companies in my TFSA all at the same or so weight. I had BYD but sold it when it started to drop. I am still ahead in my sold price as compared to its current price. I am looking to add another or even BYD now that it has settled somewhat, can you give me your suggestion as to what you would add to this lineup - buy back BYD or can you provide some others that I can add. Thank you very much for your suggestions over the years.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on December 08, 2021

Q: The entire renewable sector was down substantially in 2021, from BEP.UN's drop of 38% YTD to RNW's 14%. When will this sector come back to life? If it does what is your estimated timing of the rebound and which stock in this group will recover the most? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Victor on December 06, 2021

Q: what would be your top 5 companies be that play into the theme of climate change?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on November 02, 2021

Q: I am mainly an income investor, looking for a dividend stock with preservation of capital being reasonably secure. Please a few suggestions would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Scott on November 02, 2021

Q: Dear 5i,
I hope you're well today.
I'm trying to pick the "better" company in which to invest new money.
May I have your opinion, please?
I like all three, but between BEP, CPX, and AQN what would be your preference?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on October 28, 2021