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Q: Hi
Is there an American stock or 2 that you would consider the same as Bam
I really like Bam but it is starting to take a higher % of my total portfolio.
Thanks Terry

Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 03, 2021

Q: Which companies are competitors of OTEX ?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 26, 2020

Q: Hi, I have owned ONEX for about a year and down 18%. I would like to own a private equity co. ONEX's purchase of Westjet was bad timing and the airlines will continue to struggle going forward for some time I think. In a recent question about ONEX, you said ONEX has lost money and revenues have not changed for the last 8 years, so just curious, what drove its stock up from $35 to $100 between 2013-2018?? Would you continue to hold? I'm thinking of selling ONEX and switching into KKR or BX?? Or possibly buy more BAM? In this low rate environment, PE should benefit right? Looking for long term growth in my LIRA. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on July 30, 2020
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