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Q: Hi. I currently own ABBV, AMZN, AXON, COST, GOOG, LLY, MSFT, NVDA, VRT in a cash account and have money for one more new stock with medium risk tolerance focused on growth. Your top 5 suggestions, regardless of sector would be appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Dona on July 08, 2024
Q: I have some USD cash from selling USD tech stocks. I still hold quite a few US tech stocks.
I would like to purchase some non-tech US companies for a long-term 5+ year hold.
Can you please recommend good non-tech US companies for me to consider buying?
Read Answer Asked by STEVEN on July 02, 2024
Q: Using total return over the medium term (3-5 yrs) as your goal what would be your top 3 picks in the Publicly Traded Private Equity sector excluding BN and BX?
Secondly, where would BN and BX rank among your picks?
Thirdly, what %age of a portfolio would you allocate to this sector?
Thank you, Hugh
Read Answer Asked by Hugh on June 26, 2024
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