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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good morning,

My plan is to purchase $50K of BX:US in my US$ non registered account but have insufficient US$ in my US$ non registered account to complete the transaction.

To save on the currency exchange cost, I'm thinking of purchasing approx $60K of ENB.CA and then journal the stock to my US$ non registered account.
Once ENB:CA has been journaled to my US$ non registered account, I would then sell the ENB:US stock and purchase BX:US for a long term hold.

Question1: Is ENB:CA a good candidate for this strategy?
Question 2: What are your thoughts on purchasing BX:US for a long term hold?
Thank you for your insight on this.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on September 14, 2021

Q: A family member would like to build a US dollar portfolio with US stocks. My thought would be to do it along the lines of the 5iR Cdn Balance Portfolio. For example, JPMorgan would be the US stock for the BNS. With this in mind, and being able to tolerate risk and for a long-term intention, like 10 years, what would you suggest the 15+ position US portfolio would look like?....Thanks...Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 24, 2021

Q: I have owned blackstone for years and done well with it. Do you think I should take advantage of the run up in the Share price recently and sell it or is the company still fairly valued and poised for continuing its run? My position size is not unreasonably high so not to worry about portfolio weight. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Scott on May 26, 2021

Q: Three or four years ago I bought Blackstone as my vehicle for diversification into the area of private equity. I mainly chose it over the others in this area because of the yield it offered.
When we descended into Covid hell last spring I viewed it as a time of opportunity for companies like Blackstone, picking off struggling companies or providing funding. Others might include BAM and Berkshire Hathaway.
Since then I've noticed Blackstone making multiple news announcements of purchases they've made.
What's your opinion here? Am I being biased by my own opinion or do you also think the company is setting up a bright future?

Read Answer Asked by Larry on December 29, 2020

Q: Which companies are competitors of OTEX ?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 26, 2020

Q: Hi, I have owned ONEX for about a year and down 18%. I would like to own a private equity co. ONEX's purchase of Westjet was bad timing and the airlines will continue to struggle going forward for some time I think. In a recent question about ONEX, you said ONEX has lost money and revenues have not changed for the last 8 years, so just curious, what drove its stock up from $35 to $100 between 2013-2018?? Would you continue to hold? I'm thinking of selling ONEX and switching into KKR or BX?? Or possibly buy more BAM? In this low rate environment, PE should benefit right? Looking for long term growth in my LIRA. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on July 30, 2020

Q: Private Equity is an area of investment that has been getting a lot more attention recently. Which listed asset managers specializing in Private Equity are worth looking at? Would the multiple-recent-name-change firm SuRo Cap Corp. be worth inclusion in this group?

Read Answer Asked by David on June 24, 2020

Q: Hi,
I've owned ONEX in the past but currently don't have any exposure to private equity and I'm looking to get back into this space. Should an average long term growth investor have some exposure to this asset class? Looking to make PE 3-5% of my total portfolio. Can you rank the mentioned stocks from best to worst and which ones are best for long term growth and capital appreciation. Any other suggestions or advice would be welcome. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on October 21, 2019