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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Portfolio Analytics is saying I need to increase consumer cyclical and defensive holding. Can you give me a couple of stocks in Canada and the United States with steady dividends and low risk. And a couple of ETF's too.

Thanks Greg

Read Answer Asked by Greg on October 22, 2022

Q: I have a significant amount of cash to invest. I would like to allocate to some very high-quality stocks across various industries that can be bought and held for a long period of time so they can compound. If you could pick 10 companies that meet this criteria, what would they be? I was thinking about BAM, MSFT, V, COST, CP, UNH, HD, JNJ, GOOG, BRK.b but am open to suggestions or changes to this list. No banks or energy please.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on September 22, 2022

Q: Morning 5i team, thanks for all the great advice you supply to the members.
I have $50K to invest and would like your advice. This is what Iím currently holding in my non registered account.


Considering my high exposure to Tech and your last market update, I might need to consider more consumer cyclical and financial stocks as well as others to balance the portfolio. Iím looking to have a mix of growth and value holdings.

I would appreciate your recommendations on new Canadian or US acquisitions and possible entry points. Can you recommend one of two of the US Tech stocks to sell and replace it with GOOG.

Please take as many credits a you see fit.


Read Answer Asked by Joe on September 13, 2022

Q: Travelling this summer I have noticed the hotels are full and very expensive.
What companies or ETFs would you reccomend in what has to be a large increase in revenue.
Thanks Terry

Read Answer Asked by Terry on September 13, 2022

Q: Looking for 10+ "steady compounders" CAD and US for long-term portfolio core and could you provide a short comment on why you like it and risks.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 31, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,

I have small positions in each of these three travel businesses. I was thinking of selling one to add to the other two, in an effort to be more efficient in my holdings. Would this be a good idea or would the diversification of holding all three be worthwhile?

If selling one, which would be your choice and why? I know you have recommended BKNG in the past but I sometimes wonder whether the other two have a stronger moat?

Growth investor with a long-term time frame.

Thank you, Doris

Read Answer Asked by Doris on August 22, 2022

Q: Hi, I am looking for quality US stocks that do not give out a dividend like BRK.B and GOOG and are unlikely to start issuing dividends in the next years. Can you suggest 4-5 other names?

Read Answer Asked by Christian on August 08, 2022

Q: We hold the following in a registered US$ 'growth' account . The list shows % each represents of our total US/CAN portfolio and current Gain/Loss position.

1. Anything in this list that you would toss out ?

2. With QCOM nearing 5% of portfolio and 100% gain, am thinking of reducing back to 2.5 and redeploying. Your thoughts on what to add to with proceeds Ė if anything ?

MTTR 0.2% -82%
CROX 0.4% -9%
META 0.4% - 25%
BKNG 1.0% -10%
APPS 1.2% -72%
U 1.2% -68%
TEAM 2.3% +22%
CRWD 3.0% -13%
MSFT 3.0% +85%
NVDA 3.7% +38%
QCOM 4.8% +92%

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on July 29, 2022

Q: Which of these companies do you think have the best growth potential going forward for a long term hold, looking at their current valuation, fwd rev and earnings growth rates, etc.. How would you rank them? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 10, 2022

Q: We hold the following in a registered/US$ account . The list shows % each represents of our total portfolio and current Gain/Loss position. Considering selling U and redeploying into one or more of the names already held in US$ account.
1. Are there others that you would consider selling ?
2. Your thoughts please on which, if any, of the existing positions to re-deploy into, OR should the cash be held for later use ?

APPS 1.6% -61%
BKNG 1.1% -2%
CROX 0.3% -26%
CRWD 2.5% -25%
FB 0.55% -6%
MSFT 2.8% +72%
MTTR 0.25% -77%
NVDA 3.65% +38%
QCOM 4.4% +81%
TEAM 2.1% +11%
U 1.3% -67%

Many thanks, as always.

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on May 18, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,

I was looking forward to the US part of the answer to Aleemís recent question.

Specifically, can I get your two top US picks for each of consumer cyclical, consumer defensive and industrials based on current valuation and long-term growth.

Thanks as always,


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on May 10, 2022

Q: Hi, if you have > 10 year horizon and are not concerned about short term volatility. Which companies (Canada and US) would you pick up now given the recent drawdown?


Read Answer Asked by Hua on May 02, 2022

Q: Where would you rank CROX with the above companies if one was to purchase now?

Read Answer Asked by Neil on April 21, 2022

Q: Based on current valuations, irregardless of sector weightings, what are your favourite top 5 US growth stocks for a 10 year timeline.


Read Answer Asked by Greg on March 28, 2022

Q: Have some cash in my US $ portfolio and am considering these 6 stocks.

1) Are there any that you would want to buy at this time ? If so, would you consider them primarily to be a shorter time hold to take advantage of near term bounce, or do you see them as having the potential for both short and long term strength ?
2) Of those you would want to buy Ė if any - could you rank the order in which you would buy and acceptable price range.
As always, thank you .

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on March 24, 2022

Q: Given the recent price jumps in some of the US recommendations you have been making, can you give me your top 5 long-term holds in terms of their current price?


PS. I understand your timelines, but if you could answer quickly because tomorrow morning will be my last buying opportunity for the next week.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on March 17, 2022

Q: Good day team, I was wondering if you could provide some growth stocks either in the US and Can that have very little to no debt.

Read Answer Asked by Seamus on March 16, 2022