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Q: Hello,

With the recent positive earnings from Facebook and ServiceNow, would you recommend buying at this point? I'm also a long time holder of Visa (stock is down based on yesterdays results), would it also be a good idea to purchase MA at this time as well?


Read Answer Asked by Neeraj on February 04, 2019

Q: Hi my question is on Visa/MasterCard. Some consensus says you can tuck away theses stocks for 10 years without too much worry. On the other side, I understand in China and some Asian markets Alibaba uses a different payment system. With emerging blockchain capabilities is there some disruption to Visa's growth. Comments? I am thinking of a new purchase with 3 year time horizon. Do you have a recent report.

Read Answer Asked by Rick on January 23, 2019

Q: I have noticed recently that Aapl, Amzn, Brk, Googl and V that the daily share volume has been about 70 % of the 10 day volume and Shop and Sq have been at or higher than the 10 day volume ( the stocks mentioned are some companies in my portfolio). To me this means that the rise in share price does not have wide support and could fall soon.
Appreciate your comments on the support of the rally and are people hiding money in short term instruments until they can verify one way or the other the next direction of the market.

Read Answer Asked by Clayton on January 21, 2019
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