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Q: My top holdings are:
GOOG 6.61%
AAPL 5.21%
AMZN 5.12%
NVDA 4.61%
V 4.23%
NPI 3.75%
WSP 3.58%
PBH 3.37%
XBB 3.21%
COST 3.1%
OHI 3.48 %
ENB 2.8%
JPM 2.72%

They make up 50% of my portfolio. I have 12% in cash. Would you add or reduce any of these positions? Long investment horizon(17 years). Iím over weight consumer cyclicals and FS (3% BMO and 3% BNS). Light industrials @7%.

Read Answer Asked by Don on February 17, 2021

Q: I hold both these companies.

Mastercard has been pretty flat for the last 12 months. Do you see things picking up significantly for them when people start booking tickets for flights, hotels, concerts and Disney Land or will papal process more of these payments as well. PayPal has grown to a size in my portfolio that I wouldn't want to add to it. I know Mastercard isn't a "weed" but can't decide if it's a "flower" that could use some water ;)

Would you add to Mastercard (or maybe start a position in Visa) today or look for something else? (In the payments space I also have a full position in SQ)

....PayPal passed Mastercard in market cap today. (mind blown emoji)


Read Answer Asked by Dennis on February 17, 2021
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