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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm currently overweight financials. Mainly due to new positions in BN/BAM/TD. With over 21% in financial broken down as follows would you begin to trim or consider BN/BAM diverse enough not to be a financial and thus reducing the overall financials concentration to 13.5%

BNS - 2%
BAM -2%
BN - 4.5% been growing this position (ideally want it to be 6%)
EQB - 1% new position
GSY - 2.5%
JPM - 2.6%
TD - 2.21% new position
Visa - 4.23%

10 year investment horizon.

Your thoughts are appreciated


Read Answer Asked by Don on March 22, 2023

Q: Seem to be some good deals out there. Would you be able to suggest a list of top 10 compelling buys in this current market decline?

Read Answer Asked by D on March 14, 2023

Q: I have asked questions about core portfolio and compounders. I would like to refine my query to building a concentrated core portfolio [say, 20 CAD-USD total]. I start with the allocations greater than 5% in the 3 portfolios. BN is less than 5% on its own, yet, I wonder whether it would not be the core Canadian financial stock. As for US, there are many Fav lists, but could you boil it down to 10. For each stock, please provide key rationale for choosing it and a target buy price.
Much appreciated,

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 24, 2023

Any thoughts on BYD time to add more or sell/hold.

What do you like in finance space looking at COF, FFH, BLK, VISA...I already own GSY. TD, i add to existing names or buy something new?

Do you think a commodities bull market is imminent with China opening back up. If you believe the sector will have legs going fwd do you preferer single stocks or an ETF (plse list you picks)

What do you think about Natural gas prices Presently i own 1,000ARC in the space and am still up 5% is it time to cash in ?

Lastly i am sitting on 40% cash expecting another test of the last OCT lows but looking at the recent strength am staring to get a little nervous (FOMO) your thought's please is it time to start to nibble at CSU,BYD,MSFT,APPL,AMAZ ATZ, GOOG

Read Answer Asked by Terence on January 30, 2023

Q: Hi Team,

ENB, CNQ, SU are about 7.5% of my CAD portfolio. Is it ok to hold both CNQ and SU or are they too similar? If they are too similar then which other stock should replace one of these? My investments lean towards growth and dividend growth.

I have held Visa for over two years. I was hoping it will benefit from post panademic opening. So far it has done little. On valuations it appears overvalued. So do other payment stocks. Any suggestions?


Read Answer Asked by Rajinder on January 27, 2023

Q: At 21.55%, I'm overweight financials. My problem is that I like all my stocks in this sector: BAM (2.9%), BN (4.9%), GSY (4.4%), X (5.2%), V (4.2%). In addition, all save V are in a non-registered account and would incur capital gains when sold.

In my view, all will do well when the market turns. Is there enough difference in terms of their drivers than I can continue to hold all 5? And if you would suggest I (reluctantly) trim, which stock(s) would you reduce? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on January 25, 2023

Q: Hello,

I currently hold the above stocks in my RRSP and have some $ to add. Given current valuations and future growth, could you please rank how you would add new money? Fairly aggressive investor with long time frame. Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 19, 2023

Q: These stocks make up the Financial portion of my portfolio. I would like to concentrate my holdings (just because you have suggested it in the past). V and FSZ are each approximately 1.5% of my portfolio and the others are each around 2.5%.

I am considering selling FSZ and V in order to buy more of the remaining stocks. Would you endorse this move or given the different types of companies represented should I just stay the course? Capital gains would be owing on V and I tend to hold for the long term.

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 13, 2023

Q: These very large Cies appear promising to me for longer term : wich could resist better in case of a recession ?

Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on December 19, 2022

Q: I am looking recommendation for a solid long term Canadian growth stock, that one can largely purchase and forget it. This is for my grandchildren's portfolios which currently have a core holding of VEQT and small satellite positions in MICROSOFT, COSTCO and Visa. The portfolios are expected to be held for a very long time. I do monitor the positions currently on a quarterly basis.

Any thoughts on this approach and possible securities that would fit the bill?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 12, 2022

Q: I am managing RESPs for a two-year-old and a 4 -year -old grandchildren so there is a very long runway before they will need to start cashing in. The funds to invest available so far are fairly limited. I would like to add some US stocks but not sure it is worth the fees to convert to US $ and most of the good companies have high-priced shares. But I am familiar with Canadian Depositary Receipts (CDRs) and that there is a pretty wide selection of stocks available.
Can you suggest 4 of your favourite of these US CDRs that would be suitable for this type of investment?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by David on December 08, 2022

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan & 5i team,
Opinions seem to be high on Visa right now with pent up demand for travelling . What are your thoughts on the stock? It is trading @ $211.73 US . Is there a canadian hedged Visa Stock? "VISA CDR trades @ $20.48. can you please clarify?
thank you for your opinions.

Read Answer Asked by john on November 25, 2022

Q: Visa has been making new lows.What would you consider a good entry price for starting a position?
I assume visa has been decreasing due to recession and inflation cuting down on spending. Would agree with that or is there soem other reasons for the decline?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Steve on September 28, 2022

Q: I have a significant amount of cash to invest. I would like to allocate to some very high-quality stocks across various industries that can be bought and held for a long period of time so they can compound. If you could pick 10 companies that meet this criteria, what would they be? I was thinking about BAM, MSFT, V, COST, CP, UNH, HD, JNJ, GOOG, BRK.b but am open to suggestions or changes to this list. No banks or energy please.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on September 22, 2022

Q: Which stocks -Canada or US -would you recommend for a 5% portfolio weight, with suggested entry price and rationale.

Read Answer Asked by sam on May 25, 2022