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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi group please indicate in what order and at what entry price would you add to the above stocks. Only comment on the top 10 out of above list (i have a 100k to spend would you go all in now or wait until markets settle Thanks for your help with this decision

Read Answer Asked by Terence on September 28, 2023

Q: Gentlemen;

What 5 core stocks, Canadian or US, would you want to add to today?

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on September 27, 2023

Q: My son is starting an FHSA account at Wealthsimple. With the goal of contributing monthly and maximizing the limit over 5 to 7 years before needing funds. What combination of ETF's and blue chip stocks would you recommend that combines steady/increasing dividends, capital appreciation and minimal downside risk. Looking for a manageable # and combination of stock/Etf

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 27, 2023

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm creating TFSAs for my two children, and I would like to purchase a basket of 15-20 Canadian stocks and CIBC CDRs, since their accounts are commission-free.

Could you please recommend some names for me to consider with a focus on growth while maintaining some sector diversity.

Would you recommend adding a global ETF for geographical diversity? If so, what?

Feel free to subtract as many credits as you see fit.

Thanks, as always, for your helpful advice.

Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 11, 2023

Q: Hi Team,
For an 18 year old who just opened their TFSA and starting with $6500, what stocks or ETFs (CDN and/or US) would you start with? There are no trading fees so there is no worry to buy 10 names if that is the best way forward.

Read Answer Asked by Marco on August 22, 2023

Q: Hi Peter and team:
Thank you for the advice you have offered all these time, giving us readers a sense of direction.
I'm a retiree and looking for a balance of income and growth, and currently holding the above in the financial sector and need to trim down as per the Portfolio tracking service suggest. Could u rank your preference from the Income and growth , from Most Prefer (5) to the least (1). Feel free to add names not in the list above.
Deduct as many points as you see fit. Thank you as always
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on August 21, 2023

Q: The media occasionally references buying "Dogs of the Dow". Do you know if any comparative analysis has been done of the better Dow stocks which may be termed "Stars of the Dow"? If so, is there any guidance to be suggested? I think 5i favours buying "winners" rather than "losers". Thank you for your always well-reasoned comments.

Read Answer Asked by Pat & Cyril on August 15, 2023

Q: I manage my son's TFSA and have just sold his NVDA shares at a 200% profit. Many thanks for 5i's excellent advice on this purchase! He needs the money next year and I felt - after a good run - it was time to play it safe and cash in. I would now like to reinvest the funds in a less volatile stock - in any sector - that still has reasonable growth prospects over the next year. CSU comes to mind (and I know you're a big fan). MSFT and GOOG already owned. What would be your top three choices for replacing NVDA - Canadian or US? Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on July 25, 2023

Q: Please rank these equities in order of preference for a combination of income and capital growth in a taxable account. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Don on July 18, 2023

Q: Hi folks,
I am looking to add 3 of CSU, AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL or VISA for some growth to my otherwise conservative RRSP portfolio. May I have your top 3 recommendations at this time that could add some "zip" to my RRSP account. Looking at a 10 year time frame.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on July 04, 2023

Q: Could you give me your recommendations for the 10 best US medium or large cap companies that pay small or no dividends, this time excluding IT companies? Thanks for your great service.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on June 29, 2023

Q: For a TFSA if you could pick a few value stocks that have good balance sheets and maybe provide a ďmargin of safetyĒ if we did have a recession, but also show some promising upside in the medium term if the stars align what would they be? (Iím agnostic on sector and cap size, US or Canada)
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on June 28, 2023

Q: Hello Peter & Team: I am trying to trim down my financial holdings as I am spreading too thin, I'm currently retired and would like income with growth potential with 3 -5 years holdings time frame . Which of the above is most prefer to least prefer, and why.
Thank you for your great service , as always.

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on June 21, 2023

Q: Good afternoon - Iím overweight in big tech in my TFSA and am planning to do some rebalancing. Iím looking for some non-tech suggestions please. Either US or Canada are fine.


Read Answer Asked by Janet on June 16, 2023