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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I listed in descending order securities that under performed since their 2022 highs. Please rank the securities in order of the best chance to recover their losses when we get back to the risk on mode. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 25, 2023
Q: In the past I owned ZUB or ZBK for exposure to the US Banks. I would like to go back to these ETF. But when I look at the top 10 holdings I see JPM and BAC, but not MS or GS . Are MS/GS not considered as banks for these Etf or are just a smaller percentage? Would you have another suggestion for this specific sector?

Would regional banking KRE be a better choice at the moment.
Or something like IYG, even if I would prefer a canadian Etf.
Thanks again.
Read Answer Asked by Denise on May 19, 2022
Q: Can you suggest an US Equal Weight trading on TSX or on US Exchange? BEP.UN or BEPC for non-registered account? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Shiraz on April 26, 2021
Q: Hi group see question below unfortunately you did not answer the question completely re your favorite way to pay financials (banks , credit cards SQ, Pypl IPAY etc Thanks

is there an Etf that covers both Canadian + Us banks /financials. Thanks PS favorite way to play Financials in the present environment?. Thanks for your guidance
Read Answer Asked by Terence on January 18, 2021
Q: Hi, looking to adjust my financial sector exposure, currently holding SLF, V, JPM, GSY, and BAM. I hold ZBK, JPM and GSY at a low weighting in my portfolio and could top up any of these right now. Thinking of selling ZBK and buying more JPM for US financial exposure. Currently don't own any Cdn banks, except through broad Cdn ETF. Should I add more to my JPM position or buy one of the Cdn banks (was thinking of TD) or add to GSY? I see you added to BNS, quickly, why do you favor BNS over TD? Looking for growth 10+ yrs. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 30, 2020
Q: Tony Dwyer from Cannacord likes to refer to "banks and tanks" as good areas to be in when the economy eventually turns positive. I believe he's referring to the more cyclicals. Can you suggest both Cdn and US ETF's that would fit the bill. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Darcy on June 22, 2020
Q: Thanks for your great insight as we move through these uncertain times. U.S. Banks will be under pressure with the current virus and oil crisis taking it's toll. Some (or all) may need a bailout. What is your opinion on the risk going forward for U. S. banks, and are there U.S. Bank ETF's that trade in Cdn. $$'s on the TSX, that you feel are reasonably stable longer term, and offer the best way to play this sector at some point going forward. Thanks. Warren
Read Answer Asked by Will on March 24, 2020