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Q: Happy New Year to all the 5i team!

Question for you: should we be adding to ILF for emerging market exposure? It's dropped the past year with most everything else but is paying a monster dividend now (like 12.7 % going off of trailing year's payments). Am I missing something?

Should we be looking at something like ZEM instead?


Read Answer Asked by Marc on January 03, 2023

Q: Regarding the T1135 form, my understanding is that by owning both ILF (U.S. ETF) and Vale (ADR), they would need to be declared (i.e. not exempt from reporting) above the $100,000 threshold correct? I believe this is true unless they are held within an RRSP or a TFSA, in which case both would be exempt.

On the other hand, ETF's with foreign holdings that are created by Canadian institutions such as the BMO's ZEM would also be exempt from reporting, even if that one was held within an open account.

If the above is true, is there a Canadian-based alternative to the ILF ETF ? I would like to have some exposure to Latin America. ZEM, for instance, has holdings I'm not really interested in.

Read Answer Asked by James on January 04, 2023
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