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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you tell me the approximate P/E of ZEM? The fact sheet dated Dec 31/23 gives a P/E of 20.66 for ZEM. But can that be right, when for the same date VEE lists a P/E of 7.8x and XEC 12.39x?
Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 14, 2024
Q: can you tell me if holding VEE, ZEM, or XEC has any advantage over the other in terms of tax efficiency? Also, can you rank order in terms of which account emerging market etf should be held for tax efficiency (please rank best to worse).
Read Answer Asked by Mary on January 09, 2024

RB advisers recommend the following 4 themes for 2024 and as a value investor I am looking for ETF recommendations:
(1) US small caps: I am using XSU (100% IWM)
(2) US cyclicals: I found IYC but P/E is 27! Recommendation?
(3) Non-US and emerging markets: I have been using XEF and ZEM. I like XEM (100% EEM) because it posts a P/E each day.
(4) Theme 4 is "Industrials: deglobalization spurs infrastructure". No idea what ETFs to use here.
Thanks for your recommendations/comments!!!
Read Answer Asked by Grant on December 21, 2023
Q: I listed in descending order securities that under performed since their 2022 highs. Please rank the securities in order of the best chance to recover their losses when we get back to the risk on mode. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 25, 2023
Q: For non-NA coverage I own ZDI, ZEM,XIN, and VWO. Do any other ETF's need to be added or do I have the world covered? Thanks Ron
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on July 20, 2023
Q: Regarding the T1135 form, my understanding is that by owning both ILF (U.S. ETF) and Vale (ADR), they would need to be declared (i.e. not exempt from reporting) above the $100,000 threshold correct? I believe this is true unless they are held within an RRSP or a TFSA, in which case both would be exempt.

On the other hand, ETF's with foreign holdings that are created by Canadian institutions such as the BMO's ZEM would also be exempt from reporting, even if that one was held within an open account.

If the above is true, is there a Canadian-based alternative to the ILF ETF ? I would like to have some exposure to Latin America. ZEM, for instance, has holdings I'm not really interested in.
Read Answer Asked by James on January 04, 2023
Q: Happy New Year to all the 5i team!

Question for you: should we be adding to ILF for emerging market exposure? It's dropped the past year with most everything else but is paying a monster dividend now (like 12.7 % going off of trailing year's payments). Am I missing something?

Should we be looking at something like ZEM instead?

Read Answer Asked by Marc on January 03, 2023
Q: I'm down 35% on ZEM & don't know whether I should sell or hang in there. With the increasing US $ & many emerging countries with debt in US $ will those markets continue to fall. I believe that 30% or so of ZEM is China based with Alibaba & Ten cent being larger %ages. These stocks continue to be out of favour in China & are dropping in New York as well. Your opinions are always appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 29, 2022
Q: I am currently in a loss position with ZEM. Would Revenue Canada allow me to claim a capital loss if I sold ZEM and immediately bought VEE?

What are the rules as to how Revenue Canada determines whether a new investment is sufficiently different to allow a capital loss?

Thank you for this wonderful service and the excellent advice.
Read Answer Asked by Dale on October 13, 2022
Q: I have noticed that VEE outperforms ZEM both ytd and over 5 years. Do you anticipate that VEE will continue to outperform going forward? For a taxable account, which of these two ETFs do you recommend for a long term investment?

Thank you for all of your excellent advice.
Read Answer Asked by Dale on October 07, 2022
Q: I have run Portfolio Analytics and it shows that I am overweight by region in Canada (5%) and the US (10%) and underweight in International (15%). Can you suggest 3 ETFs that will increase my International exposure in a non-registered account and include some details on these ETFs (projected performance, fees, yields, etc)?
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 07, 2022
Q: I am currently managing my TFSA/RRSP funds and some money outside of registered accounts, which are largely individual stocks. With the market volatility, potential recession and war in Ukraine, I am finding it more difficult to keep on top of the individual stocks and am therefore considering going to ETF's. I am a year away from retirement but would be ok with more risk in the TFSA/RRSP's.
Could you please suggest 5 ETF's for the registered accounts and 5 ETF's for the non-registered accounts.
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Jacquie on June 02, 2022