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Q: Hello 5i
I have to increase the international component of my portfolio, according to the Analytics program. By a lot. I therefore have a couple of questions, as the analytics program gives only Canadian hedged products and I will be buying in US dollars.

First, VWO is currently 2.5 per cent of our portfolio. You often suggest that an etf should compose at least 5%. I have been hesitent with emerging markets. But, do you think that this would be a reasonable increase?

Second. Again in US dollars, I would like something to compliment this. I am thinking that it would be good to have one fund. An all the world except North America fund. In the analytics you suggest VDU. But, as I say, I am buying in US dollars. So, I am looking first of all for an etf suggestion. And secondly, whether this one stop shopping is the best approach. I have to raise about 27% in international, according to your program. I am pretty close to the US allocation, though, so don't need any US.

Read Answer Asked by joseph on May 06, 2019

Q: Hi, thank you for the article on international stocks and the portfolio analytics.
I am now trying to decrease my Canadian home bias (40% to 25%) by increasing my international exposure (20% to 35%) and maintaining my US at 40%. My wife and I own XWD, VE and XEF in our TFSAs. I was thinking of selling XWD and adding VEE or VWO (RRSP) and/or VDU or VEA (RRSP). The switch to RRSP additions is to benefit from US withholding tax exemption.

Could I have your thoughts on the above changes. Is there too much overlap in owning all four ETFs? Could I simplify to one, two or three?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on April 17, 2019
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