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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i,
I believe in diversification with a dividend bent. That said, I have Canada covered and thank you! The USA is mostly covered as I have bought large cap. div. companies and about to buy DES to cover the smaller cap. companies, does that make sense or is there a better way? Also the rest of the world is currently covered with VXUS, what else can be bought to cover equities in the rest of the world, if needed.
Many Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on September 08, 2021

Q: Hi 5i, I believe in diversification and sector capital allocation as the way to help protect yourself over the long term and am currently building out a well diversified portfolio with dividends in mind. With that said my Canadian investments are good (thank you 5i) In the US I am missing exposure to small and midcap companies can you recommend a ETF or mutual fund while keeping dividends in mind currency doesn't matter to me as i have both Canadian and US accounts. Also for the rest of the world I have VXUS ETF can you help me with exposure there.
Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on August 24, 2021

Q: In my last question you suggested VXUS for international diversification. Unable to buy in either TFSA or non registered accounts. I transferred all my U$ to C$ before the increase
In exchange rate, there is no reason for me to own U$ . At my age my expenditures are in C$.
Justlokking for an alternative to cash. Iím like the 80 year old in a question in g&m a couple of days ago, why invest when youíve got enough.
Iíve accumulated a lot of cash in TFSA by selling outback in May at good profit after a health
Still investing in a portfolio that will leave my wife well situated.
Just in case you donít know the stocks in registered and unregistered. Here they are: aqn,bam,bns,byd,cae,car.un,ecn,eif,enb, mg,pbh,slf,t,TFII,vdy,VFV,vgg,vvl,wasp.
I consider most of them sold except for smaller investment in byd and eif, but I donít think they are going broke anytime soon.
Thank you for your excellent advise in the past and hope to be around to take advantage of your advise a little longer. Even though Iím an experienced investor itís great to have an unbiased opinion such as years Peter. I was sort of hoping that would get to Toronto again and get a chance to talk to you .
All the best.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on June 11, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,

I'd like to say I enjoy this first class product. The questions obviously are one of the pillars of this service. Offering fantastic insight and vision for all who read.

Looking for confirmation and guidance.
Without specific weights etc is this a sound plan to stick to longterm?

Non registered account is now growing and will be holding CDN stocks.
Former holding was XIC

RRSP is in USD and holds VTI and VXUS
I like the currency diversification and funds. And norberts gambit reduced the cost.
I also pay into an employer matched pension.

TFSA growth stocks in both CDN and USD
I am looking at mid to longterm ETF'S for growth. Without regard to sector etc.
My portfolio is balanced.

My selections are:


Could you please rank these in terms of your conviction on success. If one stands out and comes to mind that isn't here please add it.
I would like to add 2 funds.

Thank you very much.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 08, 2021

Q: I have these four ETFs currently and I have new money to add. Should I top up one (or all) of these, or is there one you feel would be a good complement. The four ETFs probably indicate my risk profile, but generally I am pretty conservative (a couch potato). Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on February 22, 2021

Q: What are your thoughts on diversifying your portfolio with ex-USA international ETFs? Are there any European or developing markets focused ETFs that you would recommend or consider including in a portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on February 16, 2021

Q: I am looking to put my money into 2-5 stocks/Mutual funds.
Investment Horizon is 10 Yrs, i am a high risk taker, looking for High growth.
But, I am not very active in the stockmarket, I want to put my money in 2-5 holdings and then forget about it..... and then sell them after 10-15 years.

Please suggest 2-5 stocks/Mutualfunds etc...
I friend suggested BAM, BRK.B and Mauer Mutual funds.....Please advice

Read Answer Asked by HARRY on January 15, 2021

Q: Happy holidays to Peter and Ryan and the team!

In addition to the BE portfolio, I'm trying to ensure we have good international exposure. To cover that need, we so far have positions in OUSA, ZWE, and ZZZD (was really just parking cash here to get some yield without too much risk so happy to move out of this). I am thinking that exposure to the big internet names might be a good idea and was looking at OGIG. Of course, I worry adding this now will be buying the top. Any thoughts on the sector and the ETF? Any other thoughts for better international exposure?

Read Answer Asked by Marc on December 31, 2020

Can you suggest your top 1-2-3 ETFs traded on the TSX for Canadian, USA and International markets that should perform well (after fees) over the next 1-2 years and have good trade volumes? Also, would this be a good time to purchase hedge or unhedged ETFs?

Read Answer Asked by David on December 10, 2020

Q: Hi,
I wanted to increase international equity exposure by adding ETFs. I currently own VWO (about 3%). What is your view on VIGI and VEU? Could you suggest 2-3 other names? Thanks,


Read Answer Asked by Martin on October 19, 2020

Q: Hi 5i - I recently sold the last of my mutual funds, Capital Group Global Balanced. Can you suggest alternative investments that provide similar total returns and provide international (non-US) exposure? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martha on August 11, 2020

Q: My Daughter and Son in law have some funds in savings and want to start investing, for a couple starting out with over 100k what percentage and what etfs would you suggest, when I started I was XIC 30% , XSP 40%, VEE 5% and XBB 25%. That was a long time ago and Im sure things have changed.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 22, 2020

Q: Need income, Like to convert from equity to ETF's with a dividend of 5-7% for the next 10-12 years ...15 Etf's... 5Can.5 US and 5 International. or close to that. Cover call ETF's OK, Dividend Growth always good. Leaning towards income first.
Many thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Cecil on June 10, 2020

Q: Last year, I purchased ZDH in my mother's retirement account. She is close to 80. It has been a very poor performer, significantly underperforming the international indexes. Performance seemed to be reasonable prior to the market drop in the last few months. Morningstar now rates both ZDI (unhedged) and ZDH (hedged) as two stars, and it now falls to the 4th quartile for most time periods.

I would appreciate your views about ZDH. Would you continue to hold this ETF expecting that it will start to outperform the market, or would you sell it? Do you feel that it has dropped a lot since January due to its sector composition, and will bounce back? If you would sell it, what would you recommend? Dividends are not a priority, but looking for low to medium risk.

Thanks for your excellent advice.

Read Answer Asked by Dale on June 01, 2020

Q: Good morning,

Roku has dropped from approx $140 back to $106. Would you be adding to your position (If light) at current levels or are there any changes in your long term thesis?

Yesterday you mentioned XWD as a good ETF option for international exposure but stated that it had 65 percent NA. Is there a good option for international equity with a value bent without NA companies?

Thanks for being a calming voice during volatility.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on May 29, 2020