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Q: I have CIF 843 in my RRSP - it comprises 8% of the RRSP. What is your opinion of it's performance & costs. Also- could you provide 3 or 4 alternates each of both Mutual Funds and ETF, in the same asset class.

Read Answer Asked by Reg on December 14, 2021

Q: Not a question, just an observation. Evergrande is in the (mainstream) news again this AM Dec 9. Blackrock is being reported as being the second-largest institutional holder of Evergrande shares, and I wondered what impact there might be on my portfolio specifically as regards my holdings in XAW. In looking on Blackrock's site for XAW's holdings, I found that out of total XAW holdings of $3.8 billion, Evergrande accounts for a mere $21 thousand, less than 0.01%.
I haven't looked at other iShares ETF's, but as far as XAW is concerned -- I'm not worried.

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on December 09, 2021
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