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Q: I think there may be some confusion about my previous question re VFV and also a question posed by umedali.
I may have misunderstand, but you seem to imply that VFV would undergo double taxation (withholding) because it is an etf that holds another etf. Is that what you mean by a “second level” of tax?
I am not sure this is correct. The etf being held by VFV would be U.S. domiciled, which would not be subject to tax on the dividends it receives from U.S. companies. However, VFV, being Canadian, would be subject to tax on the flow through of dividends to it from the underlying etf. Then, after this, the dividends should flow through to a Canadian holder without further tax, since it is from a Canadian listed etf. So only one round of taxation. Unfortunately, they call it “level 2” taxation in that link you provided, which is about the most ambiguous label they could have possibly come up with.
As far as I can tell, double taxation would only come into play if the underlying etf held by VFV itself held foreign securities (ex European stocks).
Apologize if I’ve got this all wrong, it’s not very clear on the Vanguard website imo.

Read Answer Asked by john on September 27, 2023

Q: Hello Peter,
From an earlier question on VFV in terms of foreign taxes, it looks like there is a double taxation as VFV invests in US ETF not directly in US stocks.. I would think i am better off with xsp excepts the etf hedges. Would i better off just investing in SPY or is there another ETF that is like VFV but invests directly in US stocks.. Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 26, 2023

Q: My son is starting an FHSA account at Wealthsimple. With the goal of contributing monthly and maximizing the limit over 5 to 7 years before needing funds. What combination of ETF's and blue chip stocks would you recommend that combines steady/increasing dividends, capital appreciation and minimal downside risk. Looking for a manageable # and combination of stock/Etf

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 27, 2023
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