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Q: I have made good profit by investing in these ETF's. Now as the S&P 500 begins to roll down, I see losing some of the gains made so far. Should I sell these ETF's and park the money in cash and wait for the S&P 500 to move up and then invest it back. Alternately , should I leave it invested in these two ETF's. This is part of my fixed income investment. Thanks for the excellent advice you guys have consistently provided.

Read Answer Asked by Vinod on January 11, 2022

Q: I'm looking for TFSA investment suggestion.
Possibly and all in one ETV to keep it simple but not necessarily.
Ideally more aggressive as I don't plan on touching it for a long time, possibly to even leave this as inheritance in my estate (I'm 60).
Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by James on December 17, 2021
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