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Q: My son is in a position now where he can start to make regular annual contributions to his RRSP. I want to help him set up a basic ETF portfolio that he can just add to every year for the foreseeable future.
He already owns small amounts of XIC and VFV. Would these be appropriate for this purpose? Would you add any others?

Thank you for your invaluable advice, as always!

Read Answer Asked by FJ on December 05, 2022

Q: I want to invest in the S&P 500 in my unregistered accounts with HXS. Are you comfortable holding this total return ETF? Are there any known government issues with total return ETFs - I recall the Fed Government challenged these in the past? In registered family accounts I plan to use VFV and/or ZSP - do you prefer one over the other? For safety, would it be a good idea to use both?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 15, 2022
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