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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have made good profit by investing in these ETF's. Now as the S&P 500 begins to roll down, I see losing some of the gains made so far. Should I sell these ETF's and park the money in cash and wait for the S&P 500 to move up and then invest it back. Alternately , should I leave it invested in these two ETF's. This is part of my fixed income investment. Thanks for the excellent advice you guys have consistently provided.

Read Answer Asked by Vinod on January 11, 2022

Q: I'm looking for TFSA investment suggestion.
Possibly and all in one ETV to keep it simple but not necessarily.
Ideally more aggressive as I don't plan on touching it for a long time, possibly to even leave this as inheritance in my estate (I'm 60).
Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by James on December 17, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Research Team -
I've done very well on SHOP & TSLA. Mr. Buffett said buy low and sell high. Would you recommend that as well and transfer those savings to ETF's to protect investments against a possible melt down? If so could you please recommend some ETF's or other transfers.
Thankyou!!! Frank

Read Answer Asked by DOUG on December 08, 2021

Q: Hi, I'm looking to save and invest $X every week into the market. I could either:

1) Buy etf's as there is really no commission on the purchases
2) Buy individual stocks as the funds accumulate. Commission is only ~$5, what would be the minimum $ amount to invest so that it's worth it?

If I were to choose option 1, what would be your two or three ETF choices for either dividend growth or pure capital gains growth. Same for option 2, what two or three individual dividend growth or growth stocks would you choose to allocate capital to every week or two?


Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 16, 2021

Q: Is there any difference in performance between between a US listed ETF and the equivalent Canadian TSX listed ETF? Is it best to keep it in Canadian currency?
For example: VOO// VFV/ VSP or QQQ// QQC.F/ QQC
Also what would you recommend for hedged vs non-hedged and also market weight vs equal weight?

Read Answer Asked by Ben on October 01, 2021

Q: Hello,

Which aggressive growth ETF (or a set of ETFs), would you recommend for a long (e.g. 14+ years hold) in a RESP account?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Timour on September 16, 2021

Q: What actively managed US focused broad based equity mutual fund (s) would you recommend if I wanted to complement my US etf holdings ? Thank-you .

Read Answer Asked by Albert on August 23, 2021

Q: I would like to hold a S and P 500 ETF for a long term hold in a non registered account


1. Are there any tax advantages one over the other.
2. VFV seems to hold the American ETF NOT THE stocks themselves. What impact does this have for me?
3. please confirm for each their respective MER, AUM and daily trading volumes.
4. if either is held in a TFSA does it change anything?


Read Answer Asked by Ernest on August 18, 2021

Q: I would like to own some simple diversified US equity both in my RRSP and a non registered account.

#1.currency exchange aside does it matter TAX-WISE (dividend withholding tax) which one is in the RRSP

#2. considering currency exchange costs, do you recommend going with VOO or sticking to VFV in a non registered account. (factors to consider , amount invested will likely be upwards of 100 000 and long term hold)



Read Answer Asked by Ernest on August 13, 2021

Q: I have 2 American Equity mutual funds: BTG105 and MAW108 in an RRSP. I also own the ETF VFV. Performance wise BTG105 has lagged MAW108 and VFV in the last 6 months, 1 yr, 3 yr, 5yr, and 10 yr periods, so I will sell it. But should I replace it with MAW108 or VFV?

MAW108 appears to have outperformed VFV in the last 3 yr, 5yr and 10 yr periods, while VFV outperformed MAW108 in the last 1 yr.

Can you rank these 3, best to worst?

Would you replace BTG105 and MAW108 with VFV (and consolidate all 3 into 1), or keep both MAW108 and VFV for US equity exposure?


Read Answer Asked by Paul on August 10, 2021

Q: Could I get your suggestions for some $CDN ETFs to invest for a toddler's RESP. I was thinking maybe a split between a tech-based ETF and a general North American-based ETF, but am open to any other ideas. There is not too much in the RESP at the moment, but it does have years to go, so growth is the main goal.

Read Answer Asked by grant on July 26, 2021

Q: Modest amount of funds in trust for teenagers. Plan to sell Alteryx at small loss. What would you suggest for USD purchase please? I was looking @ VTRS. Not keen on debt levels but will it provide downside protection in this volatile market? Time horizon 1.5 years. Could you also please identify growth oriented names. VEEV already owned. Also ETF ideas to look @ please. Please deduct question credits as appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by Joel on July 26, 2021

Q: Hi,

keeping in view the US Withholding tax on canadian investors.

If one has to hold US S&P 500, US mediam &small cap, US IT/technology ETF in canada.

Then which ETF would be be the best for a TFSA and cash account. ( I believe in a RRSP it does not matter ).

I currently hold SPY,VFV, IWO, VGT and QQQ in my TFSA and cash account. Do you think they are OK, or will you recommend some equivalent more efficient ETF's for exposure these sectors.

Keeping in view the difference between a TFSA and cash account, please suggest suitable ETF's for each, which would mirror SPY, VFV, VGT, IWO and QQQ.


Read Answer Asked by HARRY on June 14, 2021