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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have most of my US exposure 55,000 in VGG. Also own google and NVDA and google. in CDR. I am wondering if I should sell 1/2 of VGG and buy VFV for exposure to the SP 500 or is there another ETF I should consider Thanks Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 23, 2024
Q: Morning
Which etf would you recommend for US exposure and why. Please rate them from 1-4
Also thoughts on XEQT for all round exposure
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Michael on April 09, 2024
Q: I currently have equal weights in ZAG and VFV (about 6% each) and a fair chunk of "cash" for stability. Rate drops seem to be stalled, so ZAG is going nowhere fast. OTOH VFV is flying high and might have temporarily peaked. I don't want to lose out on the eventual bond bounce, but I wonder if I should dump ZAG to get the potential VFV upside. I realize this might be crystal ball territory.
Read Answer Asked by Olaf on March 19, 2024
Q: Is there any ETF without covered call you would recommend that holds similar stocks as SMAX. Either in USA or CDN dollars. I prefer CDN dollars.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on March 18, 2024
Q: Good morning,

I am not crystal clear on the most tax efficient account to hold each of the above listed ETFs and before moving any of them to another type of account, I would very much appreciate your guidance on the most tax efficient type of account to hold each of the above listed ETFs.

The above listed ETFs are all held in our family Registered (RRSP/TFSA/RESP) and Non-Registered accounts.

Thank you and I'll await your sage advice.
Read Answer Asked by Francesco on March 11, 2024
Q: Can you please suggest a few ETF's for a young investor who has recently opened a brokerage account.
My 30 y/o son will be transferring funds currently held at his bank. (TSFA , RESP, RRSP accounts) He is looking for long term investments options.

We as grand parents have started a RESP for each of the grandchildren. Looking after their first year RESP contributions. Currently invested in HXS and a small VFV position.
Can you please give some options for :
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Gord on February 20, 2024
Q: You recently recommended US/CA equities at 65%/35%. With US ETFs and CDRs I am only at 20% US. I am considering significantly increasing my holdings of HXS, VFV, and HXQ to make up the shortfall of 45% US. Do you see any downside to this approach?
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on February 13, 2024
Q: I have a RESP for 3 grandchildren under the age of 11.
Would you please suggest 3 or 4 stocks to add or swap with any in the above group. Would prefer a bit more growth. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Rose on February 12, 2024
Q: I have over 8000 shares of VFV in my NR, up about 50%. I am looking to hold for 20 years and not touch them. Unbeknownst to me when I bought them, I now realize there is a tax disadvantage compared to HXS. How much performance drag will occur from the tax disadvantage, and would it be worth the capital gains tax to sell and switch?

I could sell and incur huge capital gains on these shares, but I am not sure if it would be worth paying the capital gains to sell them and buy HXS.

My alternate plan going forward was to buy HXS with my dividends, instead of VFV.
Read Answer Asked by Joey on February 12, 2024
Q: I recently retired and looking to place some of my savings into the market with a 5 year horizon at which time I will re-evaluate. Will tolerate a moderate to light risk. Could you please recommend 3 or 4 stocks or etfs for my TFSA and 5-6 stocks for growth. Appreciate all your efforts. Thank you. Brian
Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 07, 2024
Q: Good morning,

I am looking for the best ETF to hold in my TFSA account that follows the S&P 500 index along with the reasons for your particular preference?

I understand that since HXS does have any distributions, there is no withholding tax to be concerned with which is an advantage. On the other hand, due to the distinct tax efficient structure of HXS, the MER on the HXS is higher than VFV and other similar ETFs that track the same index.

Given that both ETFs track the same index is there a clear winner for a TFSA account?

Thank you and I'll await your sage advice.
Read Answer Asked by Francesco on February 01, 2024
Q: Hi, Im retired and have a $75,000 rrsp that Im looking to invest. Would like two ETFs one Canadian one U.S that complement one another, or four to five stocks.
Would like the suggestions to be fairly conservative with possibly 3-4% dividend. ( dont really need the money). Im slightly favouring the etfs as I want a buy and hold portfolio with a sleep at night possibility. I do have lots of financial and energy stocks already, ( fyi) I know there is always risk that Im willing to accept.
Thanks for your suggestion
Read Answer Asked by Brad on January 29, 2024
Q: Hi I have my RRSP distributed at around 8% or 12% on these stocks, would you change anything , I'm heading to retirement in 7 months from now and like to know if you would recommend any modification. I can sustain drops of 10% , which I handle by doing nothing.
Thank you 5i, you have been good to me!!!
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on January 26, 2024
Q: I read somewhere that if you had just maxed out your TFSA contribution each year with an S&P 500 ETF, such as ZSP, then you would have well over $200K in your account by now.

Is there a website where you can input a security on a given date, and it will show you the value of that security today as if you had bought it on that given date?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 23, 2024
Q: In a recent answer your wrote HXS we like but many investors do not understand the swap/derivatives so we often mention it after other ETFs. I agree, I did an internet search to try to understand the swap/derivatives procedure, but am still confused. I understand the tax advantages of HXS held in a non-registered account, but if VFV was held in a RRSP is it not better to receive VFV capital gains PLUS dividends then just HXS capital gains & No dividends. For both VFV & HXS track the same S&P 500 Index, so their performance should be the same, less different MER charges. Thanks Cal
Read Answer Asked by cal on January 19, 2024