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Q: I am looking to build a corporate portfolio (i.e. ~40% tax on dividends and distributions), and will be adding a position monthly, then topping those holdings up on a monthly basis ongoing. My timescale is 30 years, and really the only important thing is amount of money at the end. What holdings would be reasonable for such an account? Any preference as to order I add them?

I grew up with Money Saver magazine, so my gut feeling is just to buy a set of big, well run companies that pay dividends. However, the current popular zeitgeist seems to be to just buy an all-in-one fund, like VGRO, and not overthink it.

Please take as many credits as needed to answer this question as completely as possible. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Sam on January 23, 2023

Q: We have been keeping in cash the proceed of the sale of a condo. what would you suggest for a conservative growth ETF in canadian currency. That would represent 10% of our equities holdings. Looking for more growth than yield, as this would be in a non registered account. We would like something all in one, as I do not want to add more names to the list of equities we have.

Read Answer Asked by francois on January 04, 2023
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