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Q: I am a big fan of factor/smart beta investing, but I am having difficulty identifying Canadian made etfs with both adequate size and daily volume. Please suggest etfs sold in Canada to build a couch potato diversified portfolio covering a Canada, US and global geographic area. I am quite impressed with WXM and ZUQ. I am a senior with a conservative growth inkling. Please charge question credits approriately based on your time to provide a workable response. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Richard on February 09, 2022
Q: Thanks for your previous response confirming these etfs cover major asset classes and geographies for an RSP with 5 years to retirement. Could you please suggest a couple of etf alternatives that could be added to provide a little more torque with a 5 year timeframe. A brief explanation for each would be appreciated. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Warren on February 16, 2021
Q: With BAM's takeover of BPY I will have some cash in my RRSP to invest. I want to add to my position in the US market. I currently hold the above ETFs in my RRSP in fairly equal weightings and represents a total of 20% of my total investible assest. The cash from BPY would represent a half position relative to my other US holdings. I do not need to RRIF for another 8 years.
2 questions:
1. Can you recommend another ETF for the US market in CAD that might supplement my current holdings or simply add proportionally to my existing holdings.
2. I am a bit concerned about the S&P 500 and the recent addition of Tesla which is at a stratospheric valuation in addition to the FANG stocks which are also at high valuations. (I also have a position in FANG with ZQQ). Would a switch to EQL or similar ETF provide a better balance and take advantage of a more broad market recovery in 2021.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on January 07, 2021
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