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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi there,

Can I please get your opinion on HEQT. The asset allocation looks to be different from VEQT and XEQT with its NASDAQ exposure. Do you suspect that over a long period (ie: multiple decades), this will help this etf outperform? How would you rate it relative to VEQT and XEQT?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on December 22, 2023
Q: RESP allocation for 10 & 12 year old kids is currently 100% in VEQT. If it were your account, at what ages would you consider transitioning to VGRO and then VBAL if money was required in 6-8 years. I realize there isn’t a right answer and purely subjective.
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on December 21, 2023
Q: Hi there, there are many "all in one" etfs to pick from these days. If a person wanted to have a super simple portfolio, what would be your favourite (or the best) ETF to hold to gain 100% equity exposure that would require the least amount of maintenance? I know there is XEQT, VEQT, XAW, VXC, XWD, HGRO and many more. What would be your favourite? (Does not have to appear on the ones I have listed)

Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 02, 2023
Q: I have stayed away from bonds but recently I think it's time to allocate some funds to bonds. I have holdings in VANGUARD ALL-EQ ETF PTFL (VEQT) and VANGUARD GL VAL FACTR ETF (VVL) and would like to divert these funds into all-in-one ETF funds with 60-40 equity-bond funds. What do you suggest?
Read Answer Asked by Gary on May 17, 2023
Q: My daughter is planning to start a new TFSA (full $88K) and contemplating the following:
Option#1, Autopilot All in one global index fund, such as XEQT or VEQT.
Option#2, All in Canadian equity index fund, such as XIU or XIC added to XEQT or VEQT.
Option#3, 5i favourite picks, such as BN, GSY, DSG, TFII, TOI and WSP .
Please advise which option is best for a buy and hold long term TFSA investment or suggest a better alternate. Thank you. Bill.
Read Answer Asked by Bill on March 13, 2023
Q: Hello:

Child turning 18 later this month. For initial $6500 to TFSA would VEQT be better than US only VFV? Very long time horizon and I never bet against USA!

Other options for long term growth?

Read Answer Asked by Marilou on January 06, 2023
Q: We have been keeping in cash the proceed of the sale of a condo. what would you suggest for a conservative growth ETF in canadian currency. That would represent 10% of our equities holdings. Looking for more growth than yield, as this would be in a non registered account. We would like something all in one, as I do not want to add more names to the list of equities we have.
Read Answer Asked by francois on January 04, 2023
Q: I am looking recommendation for a solid long term Canadian growth stock, that one can largely purchase and forget it. This is for my grandchildren's portfolios which currently have a core holding of VEQT and small satellite positions in MICROSOFT, COSTCO and Visa. The portfolios are expected to be held for a very long time. I do monitor the positions currently on a quarterly basis.

Any thoughts on this approach and possible securities that would fit the bill?
Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 12, 2022
Q: Hi team!
I am considering a hybrid portfolio of either (A) 80% ETFs and 20% individual stocks or (B) 80% in an All-in-one ETF (VEQT/VGRO) and 20% individual stocks. I understand there may be foreign withholding tax considerations on the Vanguard All-in-one ETFs depending on the account type in which it's held and I'm wondering how significant this actually is.


- Which accounts out of RRSP/LIRA, TFSA, RESP, and Non-Registered would US listed ETFs be a better alternative due to this foreign withholding tax drag?

- At what account value would the tax drag from these withholding taxes be material enough to warrant buying individual ETFs (ex. VT, VTI, XUU, XEF) instead of using an all in one fund (VGRO or VEQT)?

Trying to avoid losing 15% or more of any US/foreign dividends due to unrecoverable foreign taxes if possible!

Thanks for your great work!
Read Answer Asked by Davin on August 29, 2022
Q: I own above ETF’s in a non taxable accounts for the purpose of relative stability and diversification. I am looking now for the next 12 to 18 months and thinking of concentrating on the Canadian market (VDY) for better return in the medium term.
I value as always your opinion.
Read Answer Asked by Raoul on June 24, 2022
Q: Hi there, I hold a large amount of my portfolio in these broad based ETFs. I have about 30% in cash. At these levels, would you be adding to these indexes for a long term hold? How likely do you think it is that we would see SPY at 3300 to 3400 range? What would your strategy be to deploy my cash position into equities? Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 14, 2022
Q: Are you aware if there are mounting pressures on ETF providers (Vanguard, Black Rock, etc...) to exit the Russian equity markets? I own VEE, VXC and VEQT for my international exposure, and realized I own about 1500$ worth of Russian stocks. I am not morally confortable anymore with that exposure even though it's a very small weighting. I would gladly write it off of my portfolio... I know this is personal to every investor and that's OK, but some principles come before returns for me...
If it's unlikely Vanguard would make any move towards ETF ex-Russia, I am seriously thinking of selling all (fortunately my exposure is mostly in registered accounts) and buying international alternatives.

What ETFs would you then suggest to get similar international exposure ex-Russia?

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Julien on March 01, 2022
Q: I have some new money to invest in my TFSA. I am well diversified in my other accounts, and am now wondering what to add to my TFSA. I am a senior so I would say about a 5 year time frame that this would stay in the TFSA, maybe more.
Any suggestions you have would be helpful.
Thanks so much for your help in the past, it has always proved very lucrative.
Read Answer Asked by Shirley on February 02, 2022
Q: Q.

Would you recommend one ETF for a 12 yr+- time frame for my sons RESP?
One that I can add to over time, growth minded, MER friendly with CDN & US exposure taking into consideration US taxation.

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on February 01, 2022
Q: What do you think of this for an RESP for two kids aged 3 and 5:

30% XSB
10% XIT
60% VEQT

Anything I should consider with this mix? Is it to late to get into XIT where its is already up so much?
Read Answer Asked by Carla on November 26, 2021
Q: I opened an RESP account for my newborn son this year, my goal is to have ~10% annual return and not have to actively manage and rebalance the portfolio. So I plan to just buy and hold VEQT with available funds for the next 10-15 years, then slowly transition to a more balanced VBAL as it gets closer to withdrawal. What are your thoughts on this strategy, and would you recommend another ETF/stocks as a better alternative for the purpose? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Best on November 15, 2021
Q: I'm looking at XAW and VEQT as global index funds that (other than Canada in VEQT) have similar exposure. What puzzles me is that XAW has an average P/E ratio of 24, and VEQT has a ratio of 14. I don't see how the Canada exposure at 25% in VEQT can make this much difference. Can you help me understand this apparent anomaly?
Read Answer Asked by Jim on November 11, 2021
Q: I would like to exit my brokerage RRSP to a self directed RRSP and I am looking for 4 to 5 Canadian EFT's to provide balanced diversification across sectors, nations, Portfolio Analytics suggests 70 equities/30 fixed income. Other ideas you have to create a balanced diversified ETF RRSP would be appreciated.
Are there any strategies( eg time of year) to make the switch or just do it.
Thank you for your service.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on October 28, 2021