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Q: Good Morning 5i,
I have held VEE for a number of years as part of my global exposure in my portfolio. I would like to replace it with another global ETF. Could you suggest 3 other ETF's that would provide more upside over the next 5 years. I also hold XWD so avoiding any overlap is a consideration.
Thanks for all you do for us each day.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 31, 2024
Q: Hi,

I hold VXUS and have decided I'd like to instead concentrate my international holdings on four stocks: ASML, LVMUY, MDLZ and NVS. I was wondering, recognizing you don't cover European companies, are there any obvious red flags with these four companies. I know there is no comparison between and ETF and individual stocks. Sector is not a concern.

Thank you. Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 27, 2023
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