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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i
I have read recently that several US analysts think that the Canadian market will do better than the US this year. T Rowe Price was the most recent one in the National Post, i think. Wondering what you think of this thesis. And if you believe it, how would you organize to profit from it? I imagine the thesis has a lot to do with resources with the possible re opening of China. Is there, for instance, a good etf? Or, what stocks would you choose to create your own etf substitute?
Thanks as always for your excellent advice
Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 06, 2023
Q: If you were to consider 5 sector ETFs based on current price and future prospects, what would they be?

Please recommend your favourite ETF for each on the TSX unless it's only available in USD.

Would the beaten down USA sector (eg. XUU) be part of your thinking?

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on January 31, 2023
Q: Hamilton ETFs recently launched a new ETF - HFIN. I currently own the ishares XFN which is similar, but much larger in size and unleveraged. For a long-term hold, do you think it would be a good switch, or would you leave it as is? (It is held in an RRSP account, so taxes are irrelevant).
Read Answer Asked by Craig on February 03, 2022
Q: Hello Peter,
For an RESP today and future contributions with focus on Canada and USA, I was thinking of allocating more monies to indexes such as xic and xsp and less to sectors such as xfn or zeb , and xit. What are your thoughts? Also, i noticed that xsp has not done as well as SPY. i am assuming it is do to currency. In an RESP, I would think xsp on toronto and SPY on NYSE, both have withholding taxes.. Please comment. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by umedali on January 20, 2022
Q: Hello Peter,
With rising rates, it seems that banks, commodities and industrials do well. Can you please suggest some etfs in Canada that would take advantage of those sectors? For the banks, i am thinking xfn and zeb but unsure of the others. Also, the US banks are taking small hits. Do you think canadian banks will follow suit or are they very different? Thanks very much.
Read Answer Asked by umedali on January 19, 2022
Q: Hi Team,
Could you suggest Canadian ETFs of the following sectors for Senior incomes :
1 /Reit 2/ Utility 3/Prefer 4/Bank/Financial 5/Energy.
Please deduct as many question credit as needed.
Thanks as always,
Read Answer Asked by Tak on October 12, 2021
Q: Is this ETF a safe way to invest in the banking sector in a RRIF account for income and some growth and do you believe the strategy used by this ETF can outperform other ETF such as ZWB or ZEB. Can you suggest a couple of alternatives ETF that are more appropriate for a RRIF or do you feel it is better to just own the individual banks.
Read Answer Asked by Joseph on August 04, 2021
Q: Hi group see question below unfortunately you did not answer the question completely re your favorite way to pay financials (banks , credit cards SQ, Pypl IPAY etc Thanks

is there an Etf that covers both Canadian + Us banks /financials. Thanks PS favorite way to play Financials in the present environment?. Thanks for your guidance
Read Answer Asked by Terence on January 18, 2021
Q: In your portfolio analytics, you used to have A list of suggested etfs for each sector. I cannot find this list anymore. Has it been removed? Could you please provide a list of recommended etfs for each sector. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by satish on May 15, 2020
Q: My son approached me on some advice on investing. He is just starting off. My inclination is to suggest to him to stick to ETFs. Ideally a mix of CDN, US, Bond and International oriented ETFs . I have my preferences, but would like to know what you would suggest? I am guessing he is looking at a year window to start.
Read Answer Asked by Dino on April 28, 2020
Q: Hi 5i team,
I want to buy ETFs for my RRSP to capture the eventual market recovery. I'm thinking of the utilities and banks sectors. I understand that 'covered call' ETFs are not ideal to capture market gain in an upswing. Which ETF would you recommend for Canadian utilities industry? And which one for Canadian banks? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Willie on March 16, 2020