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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Group can you give me your thoughts on 2 Financial + 2 healthcare
stocks. The above picks are just shots in the dark are there others you like better or? also short explanation with you suggestions would be helpful
Read Answer Asked by Terence on December 18, 2023
Q: Hi
I'm down 40% on the U.S. bank ETF, but with only a 1.5% weighting. I'm a true believer in that the most important metric in buying stocks is what you pay when you take a position. Being down 40% is presenting a huge opportunity if the Good out weighs the bad in these regional banks. Are there enough solid banks here to justify a 3% weighting in your opinion.
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on May 11, 2023
Q: Hi Group what the heck happened to ECN they announced a bought deal and it has gone down since? I see the CEO is loading up on shares He just bought over 1m this week also can you supply your thoughts on TCN seems to me rentals should go up in this environment so what gives with TCN? lastly is it time to take a small position in US and Cad EFFs

Can you give me an entry price on all 4 stocks and your reasoning or should i just wait for markets to shows signs of recovery Was June the lows or are we going to retest June lows (just you best guess I know you do not have a crystal ball

Appreciate your help with my questions
Read Answer Asked by Terence on September 09, 2022
Q: In the past I owned ZUB or ZBK for exposure to the US Banks. I would like to go back to these ETF. But when I look at the top 10 holdings I see JPM and BAC, but not MS or GS . Are MS/GS not considered as banks for these Etf or are just a smaller percentage? Would you have another suggestion for this specific sector?

Would regional banking KRE be a better choice at the moment.
Or something like IYG, even if I would prefer a canadian Etf.
Thanks again.
Read Answer Asked by Denise on May 19, 2022
Q: HI!
In an income seeking portfolio, if one has a portfolio that is overweight financials, do you think it makes sense in the current environment to lighten up and add to pipelines and utilities due to the geopolitical events and risk of recession down the road. Thought in rate rising environment assets that benefit from rising rates were in favour but it seems telcos, utilities, and pipelines are moving more now. Obviously with price of oil, increase in pipelines is understandable and clearly yield curve is playing a role. What are your thoughts on whether increasing rates will eventually hurt utilities/pipelines. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on March 08, 2022
Q: Hi Peter and staff, Happy Holidays.

These are my holdings in TFSA account. Can you please suggest two more names, Canadian or US to add for the 2022 contribution.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Joe on January 03, 2022
Q: Hi Peter and staff,
Thanks for the great information that you guys provide.
These are the holdings in my wife's TFSA account. I have owned CNR since March of 2020 and have done quite well but I'm wondering if this stock has reached the top of the price range and it's time to move on. The average Price Target is $165. Do you think that CNR still has upside or can you name two stocks to replace it.

Thanks and have a great day
Read Answer Asked by Joe on October 22, 2021
Q: I own many POW shares, some as the result of PWF merger. I would like to sell some of the POW, incur the loss and buy something else in the financials stocks. I already have SLF, MFC, FSZ and banks (BNS, TD, CM). And some preferred shares, mostly PWF/POW/ RY in this sector. I am reluctant to replace POW by GWO. Would IAG be a good candidate at the moment? Or take a risk in Us banks thru ZUB for example?.

I might sell FSZ because my expectation for a takeover or merger seems to diminish. Or would you keep it after their recent changes, since I don’t need more losses at the moment.

Thanks a lot.
Read Answer Asked by Denise on June 29, 2020
Q: Of these 9 equities + ETFS, which would you see as reasonable to hold on to if one believes there is a prospect of recovering from the current economic storm from the virus? Some have been held for a long time are still positive, most are down; TOU is the worst (85% drop) and is now very small. They are held in a registered account, so tax loss selling is not an issue. Thanks for your excellent service.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on March 26, 2020
Q: I am retired and hold the above ETFs in my RIF, TFSA accounts. Please advise which ETFs you would hold in this environment and which are duplicated. I am looking for stability and safe dividends. Thanks for your input.
Read Answer Asked by diane joan on September 25, 2019
Q: Hello, question about ZBK’s portfolio holding, Equally weight 5.5 percent for each of 19 banks, in the case of BBT and STI merger was completely, what would happen to ZBK’s portfolio? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by LEI on June 11, 2019