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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have been out of the loop for a while (due to a few health concerns) and have found these two stocks, Fiera and Algonquin, fallen since I last checked in on them.

Is Fiera, then, a SELL? I see that it is diminished in the portfolio, but still hanging in there. If this company is no longer a good proposition, could you suggest a replacement for a steady income/dividend, as that is a priority now in my stage of investing.

And same applies to Algonquin. Is that a good proposition to hold, or can it be replaced now with something with more vitality?

Thanks for your help, as always.

Please deduct points accordingly, as this is a "two-fer". : )

Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on July 11, 2023

Q: For a long term investor, say 10 + yrs, are the issues you identified in your dropping coverage notice for Fiera, fatal? In the long term the ups and downs of any company are to be expected, however, there are some risk conditions from which a company may not be able to survive. Do you see Fiera as a going concern 10 yrs from now albeit at a lower price and lower dividend. Or perhaps a lower price and zero dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Phil on June 27, 2023

Q: Hello Peter & Team:
How do u compare the income and growth for the above mentioned Co, as we come across the FSZ 8.25% ,3 yr. term offer recently. offers 13% dividend, and the others name above were over7%. How would u rank them from the most prefer to least prefer if i have to placed $50k - 100k into it with a 3- 5 yrs. time horizon. Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on June 20, 2023

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I am looking to create a dividend portfolio of 15 positions yielding around 6%. My plan is to weigh these positions equally in a non-registered account. A good number of these equities are in your income portfolio but I just wanted to get your opinion if you would swap any of these out or add anything else?

Acadian Timber
Fiera Capital

Thanks in advance for your help!

Read Answer Asked by David on June 14, 2023

Q: TFSA losers . ET down 27%, RMO 42%, RHC 37%, TCS 55%, FSZ 47%. Are any of these worth keeping? I thank you for your guidance,

Read Answer Asked by Barry on June 09, 2023

Q: For a RRIF withdrawal, I'm thinking of switching either FSZ, NWH or BTO (all of which are down) to a TFSA .

Which of these do you think has more upside potential?

Read Answer Asked by Valerie on May 25, 2023

Q: It looks like I will need to sell a position or two to pay the tax man. Please rank the companies listed. Thank your

Read Answer Asked by Frank on April 13, 2023

Q: Does the current panic in the financial sector make FSZ more attractive or less? Should we treat its recent 13% drop as an opportunity, or should we worry that spooked investors will withdraw assets?

Sometimes companies get taken private when their share price is depressed; given such a move, would shareholders likely be the losers? Not so long ago (at $1/share higher), you characterized FSZ as "fine for income"; do you still think so?

Read Answer Asked by John on March 15, 2023

Q: For an income, would you recommend this stock. Is there another that you feel would be better for both income and a little upside.


Read Answer Asked by Donna on March 09, 2023

Q: Hello 5i
For NTI you have PE at 5.6 and price at $76.87. This would give the EPS at $15.37 Yet you state EPS at $5.00. Why the difference?
Also, for FSZ, using the net income of $58,499 and dividends paid of $88,183 the retention ratio is -50.74. However using Operating Cash Flow of $143,814 there is retention ratio of 38.68%.Thus in the first instance, to cover the dividend there would be increased debt but in the second instance all seems well. Do you prefer using Cash Flow in this instance? Please take as many credits (if any) as required
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on February 27, 2023