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Review of Fiera Capital Corp

JUN 13, 2023 - In our flash report published April 2022, we held our rating for FSZ at a B, although we cited concerns of increasing competitive pressures and a number of risks surrounding the company such as a highly leveraged balance sheet and inconsistent profits. Given its weakening balance sheet, uncertainty around the viability of its
dividend, high debt loads, and deteriorating share price, we are dropping coverage on Fiera Capital Corp (FSZ).

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Q: I have held min for 2 years and rec'd div. and i am even. Continue to hold my 1000 shares for income or could lower the amount of shares and buy another which would also pay div. . I am flexible FSZ also have 1000 shares and cix 1000 shares they seem to be moving well lately is Div in your opinion safe now better than before.
Read Answer Asked by Guy on February 16, 2024
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