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Review of Fiera Capital Corp

JUN 13, 2023 - In our flash report published April 2022, we held our rating for FSZ at a B, although we cited concerns of increasing competitive pressures and a number of risks surrounding the company such as a highly leveraged balance sheet and inconsistent profits. Given its weakening balance sheet, uncertainty around the viability of its
dividend, high debt loads, and deteriorating share price, we are dropping coverage on Fiera Capital Corp (FSZ).

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5i Recent Questions

Q: I have been out of the loop for a while (due to a few health concerns) and have found these two stocks, Fiera and Algonquin, fallen since I last checked in on them.

Is Fiera, then, a SELL? I see that it is diminished in the portfolio, but still hanging in there. If this company is no longer a good proposition, could you suggest a replacement for a steady income/dividend, as that is a priority now in my stage of investing.

And same applies to Algonquin. Is that a good proposition to hold, or can it be replaced now with something with more vitality?

Thanks for your help, as always.

Please deduct points accordingly, as this is a "two-fer". : )

Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on July 11, 2023

Q: For a long term investor, say 10 + yrs, are the issues you identified in your dropping coverage notice for Fiera, fatal? In the long term the ups and downs of any company are to be expected, however, there are some risk conditions from which a company may not be able to survive. Do you see Fiera as a going concern 10 yrs from now albeit at a lower price and lower dividend. Or perhaps a lower price and zero dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Phil on June 27, 2023
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