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Q: Hello Peter,
From an earlier question on VFV in terms of foreign taxes, it looks like there is a double taxation as VFV invests in US ETF not directly in US stocks.. I would think i am better off with xsp excepts the etf hedges. Would i better off just investing in SPY or is there another ETF that is like VFV but invests directly in US stocks.. Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 26, 2023

Q: Just a follow up to a previously answered question regarding which ETFs you would choose. What would be your weighting in a portfolio containing SPY, QQQ, IJH, AGG and VYM?

If you were to remove bonds (AGG) altogether, where would you allocate weighting?

Read Answer Asked by David on September 25, 2023

Q: There have been a number of questions recently asking how to construct the best etf portfolio. I thought you did an amazing job in answering these. I had a couple of questions, though, to which I like your response.

You recommend SPY. I believe you also answered QQQ in some place. Would one need QQQ if one already owned SPY? I am speaking here as an average retired investor willing to take a little risk. The concern is that the top ten holdings of the two funds is quite similar. The other concern relates to thèse top ten holdings. A lot of both funds is invested in high flying technology stocks. You often mention that the danger in investing in a Canadian index fund is that they are heavily weighted to three industry sectors. Wouldn’t the same fear hold true for SPY? And if so, would a good work around be a combination of a market weighted fund, such as RSP and an appropriate balance of SPY and QQQ?

Read Answer Asked by joseph on September 25, 2023
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