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Q: Hello, I asked a question, not long ago, on XSU. Thank you for your answer. Now, I would like you to compare it to XSMC. I know it is way smaller, but the returns have been much better the past 2 and 3 years, 15 to 20% better (I know they donít follow the same index). This order of magnitude is still surprising to me, unless much of it is a function of the exchange rate fluctuation. I know it is difficult to evaluate, but is this outperformance likely to continue? Is the small size of this ETF a dealbreaker? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on June 12, 2023

Q: If one already has a 10% weighting in ITOT would an additional position in a small cap fund be warranted? Which ETF is preferred for small cap exposure and why - IJR or IWM? It appears IJR has outperformed on all timelines. Is this due to its more concentrated approach? Is there a global small cap etf that is recommended?

Read Answer Asked by Matthew on June 02, 2023
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