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Q: This is a follow up to a previous question about USD ETFs where you suggested IWO for the long term small cap portion of a USD TFSA or USD RRSP. I'm curious why you suggest IWO in particular, as it seems to be a recurring suggestion. I'm partiuclarly interested in a comparison of IWO to IWM, VTWO, VBK and SLYG, how you would distinguish them, and in what situations these others might be preferred over IWO. These others all seem to have lower fees and slightly different composition features. Please take as many question credits as needed - thanks as always for helpful answers.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on November 17, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

The most recent question about XMD was on Feb. 23.

For a combined portfolio that is skewed somewhat more heavily to larger-cap stocks, could XMD make a good addition? From the iShares website: "Targeted exposure to mid-cap and small-cap Canadian equities". (I can trade this ETF commission-free.) XMD holds 175 stocks, many of which are favoured by 5i, but of course it also holds some that have fallen out of favour. Please suggest alternative Canadian and US ETFs that you may consider "better" but have the same overall goals of XMD.

As always, your advice is important.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on October 19, 2021
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