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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Help me understand what the 2or3 key reasons are, to continue holding ECN, in addition to economic recovery and lower interest rates. Is economic recovery and lower interest rates the dominant reason to continue holding ECN? In your experience looking at a companies whose business was similar to ECN, how long will it be to see a share price response, to these reasons, if properly executed?

Read Answer Asked by Greg on September 05, 2023

Q: Hi, these are my stocks that are currently down, and would like to do some weeding,and tax loss planning.
I would like to sell one outright, sell three to half position, and maybe keep the remaining position.
The idea is to acquire cash to slowly add to my more stable holdings like ( BN:SLF: CSU etc.).
Thanks, and appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on August 28, 2023

Q: Good Morning

Both my wife I own shares in ECN and have been long time owners and over the years have done very well. However now in our mid seventies and with the new focus for ECN if now would be a good time to exit our position and invest in something more appropriate and conservative for our age. Selling half would leave us with to small a position so either sell all or retain it?
What are your thoughts and if sell is the suggestion what would those suggestions be?
we are over weight in both financials and TECH
We understand you are unable to provide direct guidance

Read Answer Asked by Marcel on August 18, 2023

Q: Trying to reduce my number of stock holdings. Have identified these 11 as small positions that can be eliminated. Intending to use the cash to add to stronger holdings. I try not to think of a stock as a "hold". There are lots of high quality names you can invest in that look better than a "hold". If you were doing a portfolio clean up, and held these as roughly 1% positions, are there any that you would be reluctant to sell?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 15, 2023

Q: How would you rank these current and 2-3year potential. All except TOI look to be massively discounted versus previous performance. Possible multi baggers?

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on August 02, 2023

Q: Did not have an opportunity to hear what ECN had to say about their earnings and possible sale of the company. Was there any indication of what direction the strategic review might take and possible timing of any announcement.. Secondly if a takeout does not occur is there anything in terms of future guidance that would provide support for the shares around current levels? Current results appear rather tepid and my concern is that shares could tank without positive news from the strategic review. What is your sense as to what direction the strategic review might take?

Read Answer Asked by John on June 16, 2023

Q: Presently I have the above stocks in losing positions. would you buy more to average down / sell or hold? thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 29, 2023

Q: I may have missed a few, but pretty sure I've made every mistake trading in the stock market, although thanks to 5i I've done quite well over the years. Prehaps my biggest mistake is holding on to loosers too long and taking big hits. Recently I've promised myself to sell when I'm down 25%. So, I'm now down 25 or more % on these 4 companies but dont want to sell. What says you?

Read Answer Asked by Charles on May 20, 2023