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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am thinking of taking a 1.5% position in each of these two stocks. You have mentioned them in the past month as beaten up stocks with a potential for rebound in the next two years.

How riksy are the above the names?
Are they entincing buys at current prices ?

Where would these rank amongst battered SMID cap stocks? I am open to other names,
If you have other suggestions.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Amir on April 19, 2023
Q: The above holdings are in my TFSA for long term growth. Looking to add another stock to the account. Can you share a few that would be good additions for long term growth. If adding to an existing names make makes sense; open to that as well as none of these are a full position.
Read Answer Asked by Sal on April 13, 2023
Losses in all this stocks and confused need your Opinion Badly,I know they are maany stocks and Highly apreciate your help.
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on April 10, 2023
Q: Both of these issues have share prices which have taken severe hits recently and at least superficially appear to reflect the worst outcome from known difficulties. The question I would like you to address is; in your opinion and in the absence of new circumstances does the current valuation of each equity fully account for/ discount all the known issues each company faces? i.e. Do the present prices represent a reasonably reliable floor.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 30, 2023
Q: Hi guys,

On the basis of the strength of your recco on ECN I purchased ECN.DB.A for my RRIF.

It has been steadily falling to todays price of $74.

I bought it at par and frankly am nervous about the CV to maturity.

Can you take a look at it for me and tell me if you feel it is safe to hold to maturity? If not why and what do you reccomend?


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on March 28, 2023
Q: Hi, it feels like general tune has changed on ECN. Based on previous questions regarding ECN, it was highly ranked by 5i and most recently as a top 3 small cap growth stock recommendation based on potential and valuation, and management per question raised on Mar 21st. After the latest earnings reporting on Mar 23rd, it has fallen 25% since. Are potential, management and valuation (25% cheaper than Mar 21st) no longer a recommendation to buy, but rather to only hold? Would like to understand the thought process behind this if this and if this is a short term momentum recommendation, rather than a long-term recommendation. As well, were general headwinds not expected on recession and higher interest rates? I understand that magnitude was more than expected but likely temporary? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Eric on March 28, 2023
Q: ECN down 17% so far today . After reading your answer to Bradley I have a couple of questions . What does " Finance originations fell 25% " mean ? And what do you attribute the miss in earnings to ? And what is the insider ownership numbers ? . Would you approve of an investor wetting their toes based on the review ?
Read Answer Asked by Garth on March 24, 2023
Q: Can you name your top 3 small cap growth Canadian stocks that, suddenly, are now looking very attractive and provide the main catalyst for recommending each. Also, name 3 growth stocks that were recommended as being attractive but no longer make the list and why.
Read Answer Asked on March 21, 2023
Q: As you know, both of these companies are currently undergoing "strategic reviews" which presumably are related to potential buyouts from companies expressing interest. I agree with your assessment that successful buyouts would entail prices at least $2 per share above existing price levels. I am surprised that buyers are not loading up at these prices given the significant possibility of such a price surge withing a 2-3 month timeframe. What am I missing?
Read Answer Asked by Rick on March 20, 2023
Q: I took the big dividend from ECN - 15k bought three 5K positions VHI (-20%) STC (-80%) & CTS (-50%) to diversify the growth portfolio in my TSFA, losing percentages are app. are these positions worth keeping? My other thought is to sell and put the money back into ECN where the management has a proven track record of managing the risk and creating value for longer term shareholders
Read Answer Asked by Thomas on March 03, 2023