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Q: Hi 5i,
Do you think that GXE is an attractive take over candidate, based on its size, share price, balance sheet and, perhaps most importantly, the nature and location of its in the ground assets. (I benefited entirely fortuitously, but significantly, from WCP's buyout of TORQ some time ago, and I wonder if something similar could be in the offing for GXE....).
Thanks for your thoughts,

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 22, 2022

Q: I wish to add more energy stocks to my portfolio for diversification. I have ENB and SU. I am thinking of adding GXE, PXT & TOU, all three seem to have very low or no debt, and either PPL or TRP. All for a 5-year hold. I do enjoy the high dividend yield but would still wish to have some growth and safety. Please feel free to add or remove any from my list of your choice, rank them from the best to the least, and each with a reasonable entry price. How long of a time frame would you recommend to spread over the additions?

Thank you again for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Roger on November 15, 2022
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