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Q: Morning 5i,
I woke up to an unpleasant news release this morning, that being GXE announcing that its strategic review has come to an end with nothing - absolutely nothing - to show for it.
I've been holding a substantial number of GXE shares at a considerable loss, waiting for the review to conclude in the hope there would be news that would put me in a better position. However, just like the CTS strategic review debacle, it seems to have led nowhere., and quite possibly just further reduced shareholder value.
It appears that none of the producers out there with bags of cash think the GXE assets are worth adding to their stables, so how can they be worth much?
Is there any light in this tunnel and I just can't see it, or is GXE destined to languish at its current very low share price for a long time to come, (especially given the apparent likelihood that even $90 oil, if we ever see it again, is a long way off)?
Dump it and move on, or hold to see if there's any upside that the market identifies out of this colossal waste of time that I'm presently unable to discern?
Thanks 5i.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 06, 2024
Q: Hi folks. I am very happy overall with how my portfolio is doing, due in large part to 5i. Thank you. However I do have one dog, which keeps hitting new lows. The good news is that it pays a nice dividend, and I only have a 1/3 postition. But I am tired of watching it sink... now down 47%. What are your thoughts... should I cut it loose? Unfortunately it's in my RRIF. David
Read Answer Asked by David on January 15, 2024
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