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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi,
BIR, WCP, PEY, CVE, GXE, & ERF have significant gains in my portfolio.
SGY, and HWO on the other hand have laggard in this sector.
I would like your guidance if I should sell any of these at this time or hold. If hold for now, what should I watch out for?

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on April 20, 2022

Q: I hold ERF, NVA, ARX, TVE, GXE, and VET in the "play money" part of my portfolio and I'm certainly benefiting from and enjoying the large increases but I know all good things must end and sometimes quite abruptly.

Are there a couple of key indicators I should be particularly watching for that it's time to get out of all of these quickly before I give up all my easy gains?

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by John on March 03, 2022

Q: How do these Companies return to Shareholders, without increasing the likelihood of making themselves a target for a takeover ?

Read Answer Asked by Cacey on February 22, 2022

Q: Hi Peter/Ryan, PetroGirl and Eric Nuttlall are always arguing as to who was right and wrong about theses stocks and targets for them and the price of oil. Can you give us your unbiased opinion on these and if you wouldn't mind rating them from best to worst and which you might buy if you were interested in an oil stock. Thanks for your much valued view. Nick

Read Answer Asked by Nick on January 20, 2022

Q: Hi team,
With the uncertainty around the latest Covid variant and possible lockdowns and border closures feels like GXE's stock price is under pressure.Thinking longer term,three to six months would it be a good tactical decision to accumulate the shares at this price?Or would it be nest to sit on the sidelines and wait this through?
Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Jean on December 16, 2021

Q: what top 5 small cap resource companies do you like in todays market or do you think that there are other sectors to keep an eye on instead

Read Answer Asked by hans on September 21, 2021

Q: Hi team,
I am aware that you are quite upbeat about this company but am "confused " about the following areas in : Price to Comparisons,i.e.Price to Free cash at 6.30,Price to Cash flow at 3.60,but in the Valuation Ratios Book Value of equity per share at 0.44. How practical are these calculations for evaluating a company's prospects when making an investment decision? According to analysts the target price for GXE is 1.10 ,is this realistic?
Many thanks ,

Read Answer Asked by Jean on September 14, 2021

Q: Hi team,
Gear released it's Q2 numbers today which look strong and with the debt being paid off rapidly with the generated cash flow. What are your thoughts on the latest quarter,could they be a take over target and today on BNN Eric Nutall called for a possible double within a year. Realistic or to "rosy"?
thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jean on August 04, 2021

Q: I own GXE, ATH, BTE and SGY. . With outlook for Oil going higher $ 80.00 plus which is the best play of the four. Please rank. Should I buy more of your number one pick. I watch Erik Nutall on BNN . He is very optimistic on Oil Price going higher RAK

Read Answer Asked by bob on July 02, 2021

Q: Wow, oil stocks are taking a whollop today, is this slide justified? Or, do you think this is a good day to jump into oil for a short term hold. I bought these stocks in December and sold in April for a 15% gain, and might consider again. Or, does it look like this downward trend is going to continue.

Read Answer Asked by Kim on May 23, 2019