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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good Morning 5i Team,

I hold TOI, CTS, ENGH in one account as my small cap technology allocation. Price action of course has been brutal since last fall. Would you continue to hold all three names or would you recommend getting rid of one or more ?? Would you add to any ?? Do you have any alternatives that may have better risk / reward in an eventual tech recovery ?? Thanks very much for your help. DL

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on June 22, 2022

Q: Hi, I have very small positions in each of these. Do you think it makes sense to sell STC ANRG and WELL to add to DND and CTS ? I view them as «safer» compagnies if a recession comes and they have as much long term upside potential as the others. What are your thoughts ? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by anthony on June 20, 2022

Q: With the general sell off in tech stocks, I'm currently down about 40% on each of these companies. However, I remain long term positive on them and would like your opinion as whether now is the time to add to my positions or whether you feel there may be further pain ahead for the sector and I'd be better off biding my time?

Thanks, Rick

Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 15, 2022

Q: For fun if you were to build a concentrated portfolio with Canadian stocks maximum holding 7-10 what would be your picks today.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on June 10, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and team.
Significant losses in all of these over last 3-6 months. Would you bail out on any of them and what could I reinvest in 3 CDN and 3 US that have been similarly beaten down but have a better growth outlook ?
Personal account with a fair balance of 40% US securities currently.
Thanks for all the advice

Read Answer Asked by Linda on June 09, 2022

Q: I have 1400 BMO shares in Rrsp, I want to sell them and buy tech stocks, looks like tech stocks are hit bottom, this is the list that I want to buy Lspd, Nvei, Toi, shop, Cts, Eglx, At , Goog, Amzn, Upst and Apps, your thoughts please, thanks always.

Read Answer Asked by Hue on June 07, 2022

Q: I own these 3 stocks. I would like to own only one for a long term investment, as they all seem to be in the same field. Is this a good idea or are they different enough to hold all 3.
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Donna on May 30, 2022

Q: Thoughts on these quarterly results? Do you still like the long term prospects of these three growth companies?

In general, what are your thoughts on holding growthier names in this current market? It just seems that the risk of holding these positions through earnings outweighs the benefits. For example, if a company meets expectations and maintains guidance, the stock barely moves. However, any miss or lower guidance and the stock easily gets crushed 30-50%, such as NFLX, FB, UPST, RBLX, COIN, etc... Seems a lot of companies are issuing lower guidance because of all the uncertainties. Wouldn't it be better or more prudent to just sell or maybe trim the positions to reflect these risks and re-enter later?

Other growth names I have on deck soon are GSY, WELL, AT, EGLX, LSPD, NVDA, APPS, and CRWD and I'm worried about how investors will react to earnings. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on May 11, 2022

Q: Hi,
Can you please suggest a few names outside of Oil & Gas which currently represent
Value or Growth.

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on April 14, 2022

Q: Can I get your top picks for Small and Mid sized Canadian Growth Tech stocks for the next 12 months. Also, should we mind witch exchange these stocks are on?

Read Answer Asked by Neil on April 07, 2022

Q: It's clear that when one invests in small caps it's important to buy a basket to protect oneself from those that might not do well. Assuming one currently has no small caps in his portfolio, I wonder what that basket would look like. Taking into consideration all of the noise in our current market and prospects for the future, what six companies would you buy today to build that basket of small caps.

Read Answer Asked by Les on April 01, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Staff

In my basket of TECH, I have many losers that you have been high on(not your fault).

I have regretted selling "losers" that recovered sharply and sat on some that the opportunity cost turned out to high.

Are there any in the list above that the risk/reward of hanging on justifies not selling to top up positions in SHOP,TOI and/or CRWD that are also down.

Which order would you sell from the sell list and which order would you buy from the 3 buys

Thanks for all you do


Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 30, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Staff
I believe you are still high on the above companies....looking at possible subtraction of 2 of them to consolidate a bit.

a) Are there any of the above that are not expected to be profitable in 2022?
b) How would you rank the six companies most compelling keep to first to drop if dropping any

Moderate risk tolerance
Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 25, 2022