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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i,
I need to access some cash by selling some TFSA holdings and hope you can give me advice as to the best way to go about that.
I'm nicely up on WCP and TVE, and with dividends accounted for close to break even on DBM. CTS, CURA, QST and WELL are down a lot, and GXE is down some but not too bad.
Selling 1/4 of the WCP or 1/2 of the TVE or DBM would cover my cash requirement, whereas I'd have to offload pretty much all of any one of the others at their presently reduced values to get where i need to be.
If I didn't need the cash I wouldn't sell anything at present, in the expectation that WCP and TVE will continue to do well, that DBM will at least hold steady, probably rise relatively soon and keep paying dividends, and that the others will find their way out of the woods in due course. But unfortunately I don't have that luxury.
Given the above, could you advise what i might best hold on to, and what might be best to sell in fairly short order?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 07, 2022

Q: I am down on these names in my TFSA account
CTS (-44%)
ENGLX (-73%)
QST (-28%)
XBC (100%)

Is it time to throw in the towel on all of these, consolidate into one name or use my next year TFSA contribution limit to dollar cost average down?

I also hold an ETF, VGRO, in this account which is down 13%.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on November 02, 2022

Q: Can you please comment on two items for Converge: the level of share dilution over the past couple of years, and the percentage of goodwill on the balance sheet. Are either of these concerning? Need to be watched? What about the likely future trajectory for these factors? I am considering taking a position here but these things have be reconsidering. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on November 02, 2022

Q: Hello,

It was posted and later removed by portfolio manager Murray Wealth Group that Converge was telling brokers that they were going to miss estimates on the high side and that is what caused the sell off.

This seems extremely sketchy. Isnít there a quarterly private period? If the miss to the high side could this be investigated? What is your take on this and if management does miss on the high side?

Read Answer Asked by James on October 28, 2022

Q: High growth stocks. A recent NP piece by Peter H. advised investors consider these vs. conservative picks coming out of a bear market. "Stocks that used to be 50X sales are now 3X sales and still growing at 50%+...a Bloomberg screen shows 982 companies with 50% sales growth in the next year."

Could you provide 10 Cdn. stocks in this category or better yet provide a link to the Bloomberg screen. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on October 21, 2022

Q: I own these stocks as part of my technology sector. Do you see any overlap in any of these names? Particularly between SHOP, LSPD and NVEI, or are they different enough to own all? Also if you were to choose to high grade 1-2 names, what would you choose if any? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on October 05, 2022

Q: Hello,

Thank you for all the help in these tough times. The advice from this service does help keep a person grounded in dark days. In anticipation of us reaching peak inflation and small caps beginning to turn around can you let me know which of these you would prefer? Both are trading close in stock price but CTS is much larger according to RBC website 1.3B vs 188M. Both are well down from their highs and both seem to still be growing at a good rate. Which in your view looks like the better horse? Or should a person pick both?


Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on October 03, 2022

Q: I noticed an interesting thing the other day, with the CPI announcement in the US causing a sudden severe tech market downdraft. Tech stocks such as Amazon went down about 6% and have stayed there. Smaller Canadian tech stocks didn't however. I hold both Converge and Topicus and they are both trading higher than they were two or three days ago. Does this decoupling mean that smaller Canadian tech stocks may have bottomed? Ie. all of the weak shareholders have been flushed out and mostly long term holders now hold the shares?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on September 15, 2022