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Q: I own DCBO and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the company. I have about a 1/2 position and because it has taken quite a drop lately I’m wondering whether this is an opportunity to add to it or should I hold off until the quarter earnings come out. Has anything changed lately, why the drop? What is your opinion of this company.

Second question—WELL has kind of slowed down in the last three months even though they have purchased one or two companies. Could you give me your opinion whether it would be a good time to add another 1/2 position. What are your thoughts on well?

Thanks for any help you can give me on these 2 stocks. .

Read Answer Asked by John on January 18, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
In answer to Dan's question on 6 tech stocks this morning (Jan. 11) you rated DCBO second last as a candidate for a long term hold.
I also wonder about DCBO. I'm currently up 50% and I wonder if you think it still has runway - like you think about LSPD for example - or if you would conclude it may well be at or near the top of its ascent? Without a dividend I have no reason to continue holding DCBO if it's given me all or most of what it's got to give but, frankly, I don't know how to set a target price for a tech stock with either its metrics or its momentum.
I'm cognizant of your oft-given advice to guard against selling winners too soon (which I've done my share of and which I'm trying to avoid) but I also think there must be times when one has to conclude a stock has met its potential, or nearly so, and it's time to realize the profit and deploy the funds elsewhere. Could you advise what you think about DCBO in this regard?
Thanks for this, and for all the rest of your very helpful guidance that I benefit from.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 12, 2021
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