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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Have just sold MAGT after the news of the takeover. Looking to use the funds to top up one of 4 smaller technology positions, KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI. Already have full positions in CSU and DSG. How would you rank KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI for an add now, and I would appreciate a couple of reasons for the one or two you like best. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 24, 2023

Q: Hi, Im thinking of selling SYZ at a loss because I feel it may be in doghouse for quite awhile.
I would add to MG and NVEI which I have half position. Would you have any problems with my strategy, or would you just stay the course? Or maybe just add to one. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Brad on January 23, 2023

Q: I have the above stocks in my TFSA and they are all down and smaller positions. I also have GSY, KXS, SHOP, TOI, ECN, SIS, SU, MEG and ENB in this 300K TFSA (thanks to SHOP and 5i). I am wondering about topping up 2-3 of the above down stocks or something new with this year's contribution. My usual approach has just been to top up the losers but this market has me struggling for ideas. Would you add to any of the losers above or do you have 2-3 new suggestions for me. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Earl on January 06, 2023

Q: Hello Peter

Best wishes for the Season

I owne the above in my non taxable accounts with a considerable loss. I am a senior who tended to invest in growth stocks with some sucess exept in the last 12 months.
I consider that above list has some potential for recovery.
I would like to concentrate on the bests with the greatest potential recovery in 2023.
I will appreciate your advice on the stocks I could sell or add on or replace.
I always value your opinion

Read Answer Asked by Raoul on December 21, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Staff

For new money with desire for 3 small positions amongst the above companies please pick your 3 picks for long term holds based on current entry price and future prospects.
Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 22, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,
I own all the above stocks and have ridden them up and down in this market, so my risk tolerance is fairly high.
Could rank them for future growth and survivability? Also, If I were to consolidate the five into two or three what might you recommend?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 14, 2022

Q: I have been doing a deeper dive on the result from CRWD and NVEI, both have increased their share compensation to employees substantially in the last year. As an investor do you have any concerns, I am wondering how much of the future gains will go to shareholders?

Thank you for everything you do. Leo

Read Answer Asked by Leo on November 08, 2022

Q: Hi Team,
Looking at the stock reaction to today's earnings, Is it time to throw in the towel on LSPD? At one time the story looked so compelling. Is that story gone now? NVEI just released today with positive reaction to earnings. What are your thoughts on NVEI earnings? Is there more future potential for NVEI compared to LSPD? If so should I be selling LSPD for a loss and buying NVEI for an eventual recovery? OR another such as SHOP? Or any other ideas you would prefer? Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on November 07, 2022

Q: Upside over the next 12mths. How would you rank the above in sequence of potential during this period.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on October 24, 2022

Q: Hi,
Please take as many credits as you feel fit. Our portfolio is a hot mess. Weve basically been ignoring this downturn for the past 6 months knowing we are are in for the long term. Retirement is 7-10 years out. The above holdings have fallen below a 1% weight in our portfolio. We have limited cash to deploy. Which of these would you add to? In what order? Any you would not add to and just hope that time allows for recovery? Any if these you would sell? For the ones that could be added too. Would you just buy now or put some stink bids in given the crazy volatility in markets? Any additional input is welcome.
Thanks so much,

Read Answer Asked by KERRI on October 24, 2022

Q: These stocks have been identified as the top 10 undervalued mid cap stocks. Would you consider any of these be buys and if so, (given no consideration for sector) can you list in terms of most favorable first. Also, which do you think will "hold on" best given the economic uncertainty and likelihood of recession.

Read Answer Asked by Colleen on October 20, 2022