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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have held ARM since the beginning of the year. For the last month it has fallen 20%. I decided that I would add another half position to it on 04-17. Once the market opened it was in the $122 area and slightly moved up and then pulled back and I bought it for $122. Over the next hour I watched it fall to $109. Should I have got out of it once it started to fall fairly rapidly as opposed to sitting there and watching it fall? Thanks again for your professional knowledge.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on April 19, 2024
Q: Good morning
these three ETFs have stellar one year performance to January 6th according to your March issue of Money Saver magazine. Do you see them topped out for the present or would you still see a buying opportunity here
Read Answer Asked by Guy R. on April 15, 2024
Q: Can you please prioritize the top 10 up and coming AI stocks for future growth?
Read Answer Asked by John on March 26, 2024
Q: 1. Please let me know your thoughts on the best choices of Semi Conductor and Related Companies to own going forward...

2. What would be the Core Holdings going into this Ai moment +

3. Please Rate companies I have listed as Must Own 1, to 5 as Worst...

4. How do you feel about the Valuations and Stock Price of the Current companies listed...

5. Awaiting your answers..., Do You think it is best to wait for a pull back on certain stocks in the list, That may be core holdings for future...

Thanks in advance,
Read Answer Asked by michael on March 18, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

Respecting you don't have a crystal ball, after such a robust few weeks for ARM do you think the current entry point ($142) is high and one should wait for a pull back before buying in? Or do you think based on its fundamentals there is still a long runway ahead if one is looking for a 2 year hold.

Can you share what the FY 2024 projections are and if you would be a buyer?

A million thanks for all you do!
Read Answer Asked by Josh on February 12, 2024
Q: With today's jump in ARM and current valuation, would you suggest selling and buying back when things settle ? I was tempted to sell when it hit $120+, but did not...

- I love many facts about the company and thought buying at $78 was expensive, but realistically what are the 5i Crystal ball suggestions and recommendations ...

Happy Spring in February!
Read Answer Asked by michael on February 09, 2024
Q: With recent gain in tech sector, are you concerned with valuations getting stretched. Is there some kind of euphoria being building which draws some parallel to 2000 tech bubble. Like 20-30% jump on META, NVDA, SMCI, ARM. Is there a suggested to mitigate risk while maintaining decent exposure. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by RUPINDER on February 08, 2024
Q: I'm looking to invest some funds...

Question 1 :
- Should I Add to my current positions ?
- Which ones?

Question2 :
- What companies should I add to my portfolio?
- Screaming Buy And/Or Must Have in my portfolio ??
- Rank 1 Screaming Buy...then...

Read Answer Asked by michael on January 23, 2024