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Q: I currently own TSM and am down a bit as are many of the tech stocks this year. This company had a very good earnings report and provided very positive forward guidance in their last ER report. As well they have a large moat as one of the leading foundries in the world. In short there isn't much not to like in my opinion. However, there always seems to be some question as to when, not if, China will attempt to move on Taiwan similar to Russia and the Ukraine which would have a profound impact on TSM as a world leading semi company given the propensity of the Chinese government to heavily regulate companies in their jurisdiction. Also if TSM became a Chinese company there is also debate as to delisting Chinese stocks on the US stock exchanges if they don't meet the SEC reporting requirements. All speculative at this point I understand.

I am wondering about your thoughts on whether a company like Micron (MU) in the US might be a safer alternative given the current direction of the US government to produce products at home like semiconductors, and the potential for government assistance as well. I also own Nvidia so are they too similar to MU and I should add to NVDA on pullbacks or put some in both?

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on March 29, 2022
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