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Investment Q&A

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Q: Greetings 5i,

LRCX reported recently. What are your thoughts on these numbers and the company in general? Who are thier main competitors? What will be the main drivers of growth for the next few quarters and are they positioned correctly to take advantage of any tailwinds from global AI demand expansion.

Read Answer Asked by Duane on April 29, 2024
Q: Are these companies worth buying on their pullbacks? Realize that they are not in your North American coverage but aren't they borderline monopolies in the global semiconductor industry and perhaps a lower risk way to play the boom in AI? Thinking of the picks and shovel companies during the gold rush.
Read Answer Asked by Stefan on April 22, 2024
Q: I have a ~1% position in ERF (Enerplus), in an RSP, which looks to be taken over by Chord (CHRD). Most of the ERF proceeds would be in CHRD shares (a company I don't know much about), with only a relatively small amount of cash received. Meantime, my portfolio is currently ~8.5% oil & gas (SU, CVE, TOU, IMO, CPG, etc.) but only ~3% "chips" exposed (, MSFT). From your perspective, what do you think of selling some (or all) ERF now, so as to buy something like ASML?

Read Answer Asked by Ted on March 20, 2024
Q: 1. Please let me know your thoughts on the best choices of Semi Conductor and Related Companies to own going forward...

2. What would be the Core Holdings going into this Ai moment +

3. Please Rate companies I have listed as Must Own 1, to 5 as Worst...

4. How do you feel about the Valuations and Stock Price of the Current companies listed...

5. Awaiting your answers..., Do You think it is best to wait for a pull back on certain stocks in the list, That may be core holdings for future...

Thanks in advance,
Read Answer Asked by michael on March 18, 2024
Q: I know you continue to like Nvidia and other Semiconductor names, but don't you think the SemiConductor space is getting a bit Pricey. Given that this space is considered somewhat cyclical, would you wait for some of these stocks to cool down or would you buy Nvidia for example, based on continued momentum.

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on February 16, 2024
Q: Good Day,

Big wins on a lot of your recent answers to my previous questions, thanks.

Obviously there's a tonne of hype on the Semiconductor market/AI/Data Center space right now, and after picking up SMCI, VRT, etc, I came across CDNS and by proxy, SNPS as well.

It appears they have the market corners on the design software side of this market. Logically, however, this wouldn't appear to be a space that grows in the number of customers in it very readily.

Is this similar to ASMLs type of monopoly (albeit a duopoly), with growth coming from advantageous pricing conditions and the relative difficulty of a new player popping up?

Do you see these companies gaining significant share price appreciation over time? Which company is better and why? I really liked a recent question that asked where they were relative to a baseball game. For each could you relate their lifecycle to what inning in a game they are, as well as an out of 10 for risk and growth potential.

The prices of these have climbed for sure, but definitely don't seem to have exploded like the rest of the segment. Are there any other companies with this same type of competitive advantage in the semiconductor/AI space?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 12, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
not sure if you are comfortable giving ideas regarding International Large Caps stocks but I would like to do further research on Non-USA, Non-CAD that might meet the following criteria;
1. International stock that has a min. 10 to 15Y Total Return better than SP500.
2. Stock must be investable; meaning it is easy to buy from USA or CDN exchange with decent liquidity.
I already found the following which seem to meet these criteria; ACN, LVMUY, NOVO, Happy holidays!
Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 13, 2023
Q: Good Morning Peter & team,

Have $6000 to add and do not have enough exposure to chip manufacturing. Was thinking about QCOM but read a few of your comments and don't necessarily like they're dependency on cell phone. NVIDIA has had the big run up along with a few of the other popular names. Is there a late bloomer/less popular name you might recommend for a 3 - 5 year hold if not longer? Growth is the priority.

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on November 16, 2023
Q: Hi,

I hold VXUS and have decided I'd like to instead concentrate my international holdings on four stocks: ASML, LVMUY, MDLZ and NVS. I was wondering, recognizing you don't cover European companies, are there any obvious red flags with these four companies. I know there is no comparison between and ETF and individual stocks. Sector is not a concern.

Thank you. Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 27, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,

I'm looking to get into Europe through multi nationals in the UK. Currently own Rio-tinto and Unilever. If you could name five other dividend paying companies trading on a US exchange worth buying it would be very helpful.
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Mark on September 28, 2023
Q: I am looking for growth stocks in the cpu/GPU/AI realm.

Is it too late to get into SMCI at $250?

In what order would you buy NVDA, SMCI, AMD and ASML? Please include other names which you think are worth considering in this space.

Read Answer Asked by V on September 18, 2023
Q: I am considering the above companies. Are there any that you would not purchase at this time. Would you kindly order them in terms of quality and potential growth.
Read Answer Asked by Catherine on September 14, 2023
Q: Good day 5i,

I currently hold positions in 5 semi-conductor companies: Nvidia, ASML, AMD, Taiwan Semi and Axcelis. I'd like to concentrate the positions in order to make the remaining positions more meaningful. However, I like all of these companies and feel they all have great growth ahead. If you were to concentrate this group, which would you sell? With those funds, in what order would you add to the others? Or would you keep all of them?

Growth-oriented investor, comfortable with volatility.

Thank you for your insights,
Read Answer Asked by Doris on July 30, 2023
Q: QCOM is not expensive and their financials look OK but it has been going sideways for some time and has not participated in the most recent rally. Would you consider letting it go and can you suggest another US company with momentum?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 20, 2023
Q: Hi team,

This is more of a second order question - so nvda is clearly doing very well, where could we look for benefit on the supplier side, ie. the inputs for what they need for the AI?

Read Answer Asked by David on May 26, 2023
Q: I currently hold MSFT, NVDA, AMZN, and GOOG. All are at a 5% weight, except for AMZN, which is at 3%. I have an additional 2% to invest. Would you suggest topping up AMZN to 5%...or purchasing another tech stock with the additional funds? If the latter, would you please provide three stocks ranked by both risk and potential profit...and explain why you have selected each? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on April 21, 2023