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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi group I am out of credits...Hopefully you can give me some guidance on how to play China opening up from Covis restrictions. Commodities and oil seems to stand out if you agree what companies have the most potential upside. Also looks like big tech is another beneficiary if you agree what is your top picks in this sector as well. Thanks for your goodwill service it much appreciated

Read Answer Asked by Terence on January 18, 2023

Q: hi,
can I get your thoughts on BABA for a long term hold. Obviously huge uncertainty re China government. but China markets down lots due to lockdowns etc. I was thinking BABA could be a good proxy for the Chinese markets.
And, if not BABA, do you have an ETF that you think would perform best with an uptick in the Chinese stock markets ( and is very liquid )
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on December 06, 2022

Q: Hi! Doing some cleaning up and wondering if these are buy, sell, or hold. In reference to Shane's comments I also agree that it wasn't too long ago that so many advisors were recommending growth stocks at lofty prices. Having always been a more of a value investor I dipped my toes, but am feeling like I'd be too scared to ever enter any kind of a growth stock again. I know if interest rates peak you feel these can do well again but only time will tell and many investors have lost lots of money on the high growth names like in Cathy Wood's funds. Happy to hold any of these names if there could ever be a turn around. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 09, 2022

Q: I'm down 35% on ZEM & don't know whether I should sell or hang in there. With the increasing US $ & many emerging countries with debt in US $ will those markets continue to fall. I believe that 30% or so of ZEM is China based with Alibaba & Ten cent being larger %ages. These stocks continue to be out of favour in China & are dropping in New York as well. Your opinions are always appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 29, 2022

Q: Good afternoon, I am down between 30% to 50% on BABA, SHOP and NVDA (over the last 6 months) and I'm considering averaging down on some or all if them, If you had to choose where to allocate your "average down" dollars what would be your first, second and third choices and why?
Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Tim on September 06, 2022

Q: I have a full position in AMZN as well as half positions in both SHOP and BABA (which actually began as full positions). I'm thinking I may have overdone it a bit in the on-line consumer shopping space. Would you continue to hold all of these and if not how would you suggest reducing my exposure?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on May 02, 2022

Q: Hi Team,
Should these three Chinese's ADR stock delisted from U.S. exchanges by US Government, would the owner of these ADRs can move to Hong Kong and relisting in Hong Kong market ? Or just completely vanished !
I understand my question is properly not quite your expert area, but hope you can comment on it !
Thanks as Always,

Read Answer Asked by Tak on March 15, 2022

Q: Hi Peter

I have question regarding the following list of “fallen angels”. These ten stocks have achieved significant drops in valuation since Dec. 31, 2020. Can you please rank these “fallen angels” in terms of the best risk-return profile over a five-to-ten-year hold? Everyone likes a bargain! Sometimes it is possible to survive a falling knife particularly if you use tungsten as a shield!

We cannot all be superman!


Thanks George

Read Answer Asked by George on March 14, 2022

Q: Would you be agreeable to selling BABA for tax loss and replacing it with PINTEREST? Baba is cheap but the China problem does not look like ending any time soon and Pinterest also looks attractive. Thankyou If you have a better tech idea feel free to mention it.

Read Answer Asked by John on February 24, 2022

Q: I would appreciate your opinion on these stocks for a 10 year hold. Thank you very much.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 14, 2022

Q: Has Amazon’s online retail segment ever made a profit? Will it ever given its never-stopping investment into the future? If no prospect of profit, what’s the point of keeping on investing into the segment? Do you like its retail model - owning and selling goods? Isn’t Alibaba’s model better by only providing online retail space? Thanks. Liping

Read Answer Asked by Liping on February 08, 2022

Q: I am down 21% on BABA and even more down on UPST and AFRM. At this point, with a plan to hold for 3-5 years, would it make sense for me to sell all my BABA and invest in UPST and AFRM. Which of the 2 is expected to have a better upside in 3-5 years? Which of the 2 is riskier?

Read Answer Asked by V on January 19, 2022

Q: Hi Team;
My question is whether to keep on holding baba or not . It is held in a US cash account so selling would incure a 53% loss as of today. The reason I ask today is that there have been many quality names that have sold off a lot . Just wondering if a switch into a different , more convincing beat down name might be a good move at this point. Ideally I would like as much recovery upside as baba potentially would have in order to try to recover my losses. Which essentially would mean a double from here.
Any names you would endorse switching to that might potentially meet this criteria ? Or do I keep patience and hold. I am a long term investor typically (10yr timeframe or more before retirement ). Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on November 22, 2021