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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Any recommendations for US or international (listed on US stock exchange) stocks for RRSP and TFSA accounts to help overall diversification with non-registered accounts that are overweight Canada geographically and within that financial, energy, and utilities overweight. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 17, 2021

Q: Is there any China stocks you like
Thank you for your great service Lorraine

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on August 31, 2021

Q: Hello team ,
I was looking for your thoughts on some of my recent worst performers and what I should do with them . Baba (held in a US cash account ) is down 45% after the Chinese government crackdown . Med (down 21% in US cash account ) after only owning it for a short time . And Mgni is selling off daily for some reason now , even after the strong quarterly results .(still up 20% in rsp) . For each of these how do you recommend them Öbuy more , hold , sell? If any are sells what would be your recommendation on a replacement ; preferably one with high potential in getting my money back.

Read Answer Asked by Shane on August 20, 2021

Q: I know 5i doesnít cover stocks outside of North America so please feel free to disregard my question if you canít provide an answer. I currently have no direct exposure to Asia. Could you please rank Baba, JD and SE in a locked in RSP, 10+ horizon. I have space for one and since Iím happy with current valuations with the ongoing uncertainty, I would be ready to choose one. And could you please also comment on what would happen to the investment if it ever was delisted in terms of the access to the funds. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 28, 2021

Q: I have done very well with each of these stocks. The news from China is a concern. I know you are not experts in Chinese stocks, but I would like to hear your opinion on whether to sell or hold.

Read Answer Asked by Elaine on July 26, 2021

Q: I figured if this name was safe enough for Charlie Munger and Mohinsh Pabrai, that it would be safe enough for me. However, I always get week knees when I start to lose money. My guess is that China will not want to kill a golden goose like Baba and Im therefore hoping to look past the noise about CCP regulation which seems to be driving down the price of Chinese stocks indiscriminately. I know you do not closely follow overseas stocks but do you suggest I hold this name or move on to North American names which do not face the same regulatory dangers. Iím only down $7 at the moment. Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Jason on July 26, 2021

Q: I've been looking for stocks with favourable value metrics which also demonstrate solid earnings growth and have come up with the above list. It's a little heavy on the retail end which worries me somewhat with covid still being a thing. At the same time, retail stocks are enjoying solid sales and anecdotally, it seems to me that people are anxious to get out there and spend.

With respect to Doo, H&R Block, WSM, and BBY, these have seen decent levels of share repurchases which is appealing for obvious reasons.

What do you think of my list with a view to holding and forgetting for at least one year? Anything you would cut out? I don't like foot locker as a store for instance but the financials appear attractive. Thank you as always,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on July 16, 2021

Q: Portfolio analytics --> I need international exposure.

I'm 44yo with a high risk tolerance and 2 kids, 4 yrs and 7 yrs away from entering post-secondary.

Could you make some recommendations to plug this hole in my portfolio? Individual stocks and an ETF mix would be ideal.

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 22, 2021

Q: hello 5i:
I'm looking for a consumer stock, the portfolio being weak in that area. I've gone over past questions on the 2 noted stocks. I find BABA very intriguing from a risk/reward perspective. Morningstar has both undervalued, BABA moreso and a 5 year chart favours BABA as its hitting the bottom of its trendline. I'd appreciate your take on it, knowing that Chinese stocks are not your focus. There are a huge number of analysts following both stocks, so I'm indirectly asking you to decipher their opinions for me. For the sake of this excercise, lets assume a "medium" risk investor (whatever that is).

Read Answer Asked by Paul on June 17, 2021

Q: Please name 5 companies in the USA and Canada that you think the market has punished unfairly in this tech sell off. Aggressive names with compelling fundamentals and huge growth opportunities would be the focus regardless of sector with a nod to companies with a 10 billion market cap or less. These would be companies in which the downside is fully priced in but nobody is giving them any credit for projected growth (and you believe that growth potential is substantial). If you could then pick your favourite from these in the US and Canada and add one sentence as to why I would be most appreciative!

Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 14, 2021