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Q: I am currently underweight Health and Financials in the U.S. Can you please provide your top 3-5 picks for each based on current valuations and considering a 5 year+ timeframe??
Read Answer Asked by Chris on March 12, 2024
Q: I currently hold all these stocks, with the exception of elf. I came up with the thanks in large part to 5i as these are names that have come up in various Q&As. If you had to pick only 10 to hold long term (which for me is 1 year), what would be your ten? The 10 should be those that are the best expected performs regardless of diversification or risk. Just the top 10. Alternately., would you suggest holding them all but with different weightings and if so please comment on a suggested weighting.

My plan was to hold 10 with 10% in each but Iím not married to that idea.

Thank you kindly.

Read Answer Asked by Jason on January 08, 2024
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