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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I've got these laggards in a TFSA or RRSP, down between 15-36%! I want to dump a bunch (all?) as I feel I've given them enough time to perform and they haven't. Does 5i see catalysts in the next 12 months for any of these that i should keep some?

In which order would you drop them.
Read Answer Asked by Cameron on January 11, 2024
Q: Looking to buy Qualcom & BWX Thechnology. For this I need to sell some slight losers. DIS, MP, INFY, IBKR, CVX, SCHW, BABA, KBM . Please place these in order of those you would sell first , and maybe some you would not sell at all. And , also what do you think of my two choices to buy ? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Frank on July 27, 2023
Q: Hi, I have a 2.5% position in SCHW (down 25%) and am looking to sell while keeping exposure to the financial sector.

MKTX and CME score highly on my evaluations and others listed are pretty decent too. Curious on your thoughts on a suitable, safe replacement.

This is in my LIRA and I'm looking to hold for 10+ years (was also the case for SCHW, but I'm concerned wrt their exposure from their long term bonds).
Read Answer Asked by Cameron on April 19, 2023
Q: Wealth simple mentions that investors are betting U.S. $3.7 billion that TD is heading south. 12 billion in unrealized losses on bonds, big stake in reeling Charles Schwab, massive exposure to teetering Canadian housing market, and terrible timing on purchase of U.S. regional bank. Any thoughts you could share on this?
Read Answer Asked by Anthony on April 10, 2023
Q: 2 for 1 questions...

1- What is the average PE for the construction industry as it appears that URI misfortune may be linked to the residential slow down. What is the forward PE for URI?

2- It appears that TD is the most shorted of all banks throught the world according to Bloomberg. That's not a small statement. Having said that, would you buy now or wait for a general bank recovery?
Sorry this makes 3 questions. LOL LOL


Read Answer Asked by Yves on April 05, 2023
Q: SCHW is down ~6% today, March 30, after a downgrade by Morgan Stanley. CFRA issued brief research yesterday rating SCHW a “Strong buy”. Although TD owns (I think) a chunk of SCHW , TD:us is up today. I had been planning to buy SCHW thinking it was being overly punished for the sins of others. Granted, deposits are flying out, but its CEO is quoted a couple of weeks ago to say that even if clients demanded all their deposits back, SCHW would still remain liquid. I am going from memory and am now unsure of the veracity or reliability of information I refer to above.

SCHW still strikes me a reasonably good opportunity at today's price. Would appreciate your comments, preferably with some depth, if you would please. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Adam on March 31, 2023
Q: Hi there, with the failure of SVB, many regionals have also been sold off, possibly unjustifiably. Do you see any current opportunities in the space that seem like good buys? SCHW comes to mind but wondering your thoughts or if there are any others that look good here.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 13, 2023
Q: With 40,000,000 American loosing their jobs I note that on line gaming has picked as has on line movies.
What about on line equity trading. Has there been a move for those at home to open up trading accounts at Schwab, or Ameritrade and other financial institutions. I notice the huge moves in Airlines and Cruise ships and I am wondering if there are a lot of NEW players entering the Stock Market . RAK
Read Answer Asked by bob on June 10, 2020
Q: HiTeam:

Good day!

I am holding SCHW & SBNY with some 30% loss, and COLD some 7% loss. Should I let go the first two and hold the COLD?

Please take the points for each one as I have 3 companies in question.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by LOUISA on April 17, 2020
Q: Hi,

I've been watching this stock for a while now, waiting for a bounce or some indication its decline was done. Today was not the day I was looking for (down 9%) following its announcement that it will no longer charge commissions on trades. Down 9% seems a bit much for this news. Thankfully, I don't own any shares - yet.

My research indicates that this company is doing much better than its stock performance...annual growth in each of revenues (CAGR or 10%+), operating and net income (16%+) and equity growth (17%). Cash flow (down about 30% TTM) is about the only concern I can see from its filings. Debt seems manageable and on the low side.

Trading near its 52 wk low, is this actually a good time to step into a quality company? Is its continued decline more a reflection of general concerns about the economy? What's really happening here?
Read Answer Asked by Cameron on October 01, 2019
Q: I'm currently invested in (and seem to be treading water on) SCHW. Given your confidence in GC, I'm wondering if a switch might be prudent? One concern is that I already own TSGI (Thank you!) and I am wondering if this would be a bit redundant?
Read Answer Asked by Mike on August 27, 2018