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Q: hi,
I own these 5 equities in my USD account, plus a reasonable amount of cash that could be deployed. im fairly comfortable with all of them, are you? if I was to shift to an all growth strategy within this account, what would you suggest selling ( if any ), and what would you suggest buying, either new names or current holdings ( with a reasonable target purchase price, if able )? I would be looking for growth companies with positive earnings/earnings growth ( ie nothing highly speculative right now ). cheers and enjoy the long weekend. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on September 05, 2023
Q: I understand that you don't follow chinese companies, but I was hoping that you could help me understand the mechanics around the split of BABA into its 6 business units.

If one of the business units has a successful IPO, do BABA shareholders get stock dividends of the new publicly traded company? Or does it remain as a subsidiary with BABA as the majority shareholder?
Read Answer Asked by Gerald on August 28, 2023
Q: Looking to buy Qualcom & BWX Thechnology. For this I need to sell some slight losers. DIS, MP, INFY, IBKR, CVX, SCHW, BABA, KBM . Please place these in order of those you would sell first , and maybe some you would not sell at all. And , also what do you think of my two choices to buy ? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Frank on July 27, 2023
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