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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: There has been very little press on the other ((rather large ) bank default, that of Signature Bank.
Did this bank have similar issues as SVB in terms of deposits and composition ? Wondering how many other smaller ( relatively ) banks could be in similar situations. Thanks Derek
Read Answer Asked by Derek on March 13, 2023
Q: Hello Peter,

How would you trade the collapse of SVB? Banks and Financial companies are taking a hit. Is it time to buy? If yes, what would you prefer- BAC,MS, BX? Or none of the above.
Do you think there is a contagion risk here?
Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on March 13, 2023
Q: Hi there, with the failure of SVB, many regionals have also been sold off, possibly unjustifiably. Do you see any current opportunities in the space that seem like good buys? SCHW comes to mind but wondering your thoughts or if there are any others that look good here.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 13, 2023
Q: Hi, The Economist mentions in a recent article that ROKU reported that it held $487 million at SVB in a Mar 10th regulatory filing. I've sort of guessed that might be about 25% of ROKU's cash, based on number of outstanding shares and cash held per share listed on Would that be a fair assumption? If so, what effect do you see this having on ROKU's share prices in the next while? I'm expecting to see them drop once the news gets out, but do not know how this might affect their overall business fundamentally or longer term. Can they withstand such a hit, if it comes down to a write off? I've listed this question as private, thinking I don't wish to add to market fears - but if you feel it would serve the 5i community best as a public question, feel free to open it up.
With continued appreciation for your sage advice, I look forward to your thoughts on this.

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on March 13, 2023
Q: Hi Team,
So...first the crypto banks start to fall. Now SVB bank looks to be collapsing, I have heard due to the impact of rapidly increased interest rates. What happened here? Should we be worried about a domino effect here similar to 2008? (hope not!) I typically thought high rates are "good" for the point where the economy starts to come to a standstill that is. Thanks for the insight.

Read Answer Asked by Shane on March 10, 2023
Q: Hi! Doing some cleaning up and wondering if these are buy, sell, or hold. In reference to Shane's comments I also agree that it wasn't too long ago that so many advisors were recommending growth stocks at lofty prices. Having always been a more of a value investor I dipped my toes, but am feeling like I'd be too scared to ever enter any kind of a growth stock again. I know if interest rates peak you feel these can do well again but only time will tell and many investors have lost lots of money on the high growth names like in Cathy Wood's funds. Happy to hold any of these names if there could ever be a turn around. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 09, 2022
Q: You mentioned yesterday you think there any many good companies that have the ability to double or triple in time. At this point could you give 5 US and 5 Canadian names?
Read Answer Asked by Tyler on November 07, 2022
Q: Hello,

Regarding your recent blog-very nice one!

Could you provide some stock/bond suggestions
For the examples provided,

-companies expected to grow at 50% over the next year
- solid growth companies
-small cap
-suggested corporate bonds long term.

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Shyam on October 12, 2022
Q: Can you provide a 'buy' list for a person wanting to deploy $200,000 (inside RRSP) with the goal of creating 5% or more sustained cash flow - as well as growing the original capital to keep up with inflatiion? We do not have company pensions - this would serve to supplement our government pensions.
Thinking, 20 stocks across all sectors @ $10,000 each (or 5%)
Also could you include 10 growth stocks (inside TFSA) for a total of $250,000 - gotta have some fun ;)
Many Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Jan on October 07, 2022
Q: For a market bottom/rebound, which 6 US growth stocks would you buy (as opposed to value) and would there be any ETFs you would use? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 06, 2022
Q: submitted a question last week but received no response
provide your top 5 growth picks. place them in ranked order from excellent to good. also provide why each one is on the list. what makes each one worthy.what is catalyst for a big move apart from general market sentiment. what makes each one standout.
Read Answer Asked on October 03, 2022