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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: All my fixed income is in XCB,XRB and VAB. All are held in tax sheltered RSPs and distributions are in DRIP programs. My question is " would you continue with the DRIP programs as I have to start withdrawals in 5 years when I turn 71? " These bond ETFs are all in serious down trends.

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on April 22, 2022

Q: I have held these three funds since early 2016 for the stability component (maintain capital and some income) in my portfolio. The annual MER's are .44, .86 and .84. respectively, I have series F in the PMO funds. Extra year end distributions for the PMO funds were nice but they stopped after 2018 year end.

Their total capital growth has been very modest, about 2-4% total over several years.

I am not too comfortable with the higher annual MER's.

Could you comment if I might see significant capital drop if interest rates go up? Also, could you recommend any different holding or stock that I may consider instead of these funds for stability and income?

Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on September 30, 2021

Q: I own these two bond ETfs inside a balanced portfolio. My understanding as the bond yields rise the price goes down, along with the price of my dividend stocks. Seems like a double whammy. Im trying to figure out if there is anything I should do here. Happy to hold the bond ETFs and collect higher distributions. Your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by David on February 26, 2021

Q: 5i, thank you again for all the great advice! I saw someone asking a question about these bond / high interest ETFs earlier today. Do you have other suggestions for bond / high interest ETFs? I have a longer investment horizon, but currently are 40% equity and 60% cash. I want to put some of this cash to work in a relatively safer manner.

Read Answer Asked by Haifeng on October 15, 2020

Q: What are the best bond etfs to own in Canada and US in your opinion? Please provide several options in both countries. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Mirjana on October 14, 2020

Q: Are there tsx listed etfs equiviant to TIP & LQD ? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on July 24, 2020


Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 04, 2020

Q: Inspired by the news of Carnival putting out a 12.5% bond coupon, I wonder if this is an area to look into. Carnival may be a risky corporate bond, but I wonder if there are stronger companies caught in debt when the fall came that are offering good returns.

In short, is there an ETF which is focussed on high-grade corporate bonds and is this a good strategy?

I know you are not favourable toward the bond market, so is low-volatility equity funds (like ZLB) a good alternative?

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on April 08, 2020

Q: Many high quality bond ETFs are trading at substantial discounts to their NAV. How can this be as the ETF should be representing the value of the underlying bonds? Are bonds being sold so fast that the market makers just can not keep-up with the pace? If XCB and XRB return to their NAV value this could be a buying opportunity? Thanks Ron

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on March 24, 2020

Q: I Have held these bond etfs for a long time and they are down considerably. (-16 & -30% -9.00 % -5.16%)and still counting

My question is :
Do I have any reasonable reasonable expectation of ever recovering the capital if I hold them ?
Or I am reasonably safe in selling them and putting what is left in a better place ?

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on March 20, 2020

Q: Hello 5iResearch,

I have a couple requests:

1. Would you please send me your recommendations for two or three ETFs I could use for hedging against a recession/market correction but still get an annualized distribution yield of about 3%?

2. Could you please also let me know what your recommendation would be for a gold ETF?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Natasha on November 26, 2019

Q: Hello 5i,
I am currently holding CBO at 2.3% portfolio weight. I would like to exchange it for XCB with higher yield and apparently not dropping like a rock as CBO has done. Would this be w worthwhile exercise, can you suggest a better alternative, or should I just leave things alone. I would be taking a $1,500 loss on $30,000 a holding.
Thank you for the great service

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on November 19, 2019

Q: Hello 5i Research...I have a very elderly family member who needs to re-structure her TFSA . Investment horizon may be under 3 years. GIC's are used in other accounts. We are looking for an ETF solution that will provide a decent level of capital safety and some monthly income (above GIC levels).
We were thinking a combo of XTR , CVD, CPD . XCB and CBO. Is there a one fund solution solution that you might endorse? What percentage split of funds might be appropriate in the current environment?


Read Answer Asked by Arthur on August 14, 2019

Q: I presently have Cdn cash in a savings account @ 1.95. I will not require these funds for at least 5 years. Can you suggest a strategy to increase rate of return, not taxed as interest, low fees and minimal risk. Please rate the above funds. Any other suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on July 02, 2019

Q: I am retired and have significant positions in vsb and vab and both are valued less today than a couple of years ago.
I was thinking to sell one or both and purchase xhb and /or xcb and bep.un and/or ala.
I look forward to your comments. Thank-you

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on October 01, 2018